We started our last day of holiday no different than any other – with celery juice and jacuzzi. I drink cold pressed celery juice every day on the empty stomach 30 minutes before breakfast for the last 6 months and we even packed juicer with ourselves – so determinated!

After packing ourselves, we had two last locations to visit – the Blue Lagoon of Wales (which was my personal dream to see) and… our favourite The Meadow Cafe, where we had our ‘usual’ – almond milk cappuccinos, vegan mushroom, black bean and sweet potato burgers and halloumi fries.

Blue Lagoon Abereiddi in Wales, Pembrokeshire in Novemver

Blue Lagoon Abereiddi in Wales, Pembrokeshire in Novemver

Before we reached our last destination and just after spending few moments on the cliffs near Blue Lagoon, we decided to climb the hill a little bit higher to have a better view on this beautiful crystal blue water. Up there, we spotted another costal path and we decided to take a walk. We got driven by another beautiful view – the waterfall falling on the beach and stairs leading to this beach. I need to admit – climbing these killers after so many days of eating out was not as easy as I thought it was.

Costal footpath in Pembrokeshire, Wales in November

Metal stairs leading to the beach from costal patch in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Blogger on the rocky beach in padded parka in Pembrokeshire, Wales in November

Waterfall on the beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales in November

Seeing waterfall on the beach was definitely my favourite moment of our 4-day lasting journey. Coming back home was not easy, but the next day I started searching for the next destinations for our next holiday straight away. And I can’t wait to share it in the next couple of months.

Love, A xxx

Yesterday, on December 4, we witnessed the first pre-fall Chanel collection without any input of Karl Lagerfeld, who started the re-dating of the annual collections himself. Virginie Viard, the closest collaborator of Karl for over 30 years of his work for Chanel, presented the pre-fall collection, by turning runway into Métiers d’Art – famous apartment of Gabrielle ‘Coco’Chanel, that is preserved exactly as she left it after her death. Models scaled down the beige steps of Art Deco-inspired staircase, one of the most iconic accents at 31 rue Cambon.

Collection was strongly inspired by 90’s – we could spot belts placed lower on the waist, leggings and double-breasted masculine coats. Although looks were dominated by black and gold / white combination, we could spot bright, bold and warm tones of pink, purple and burgundy. One of the most eye-catching moments was definitely the tie-dye tweed cropped jacket and pencil skirt suit.

Overall, collection reminded me of empowered, practical (maybe expect few micro bags) yet funky woman knowing exactly what they want. What I would expect to see, especially from such an influential and tradition-driven fashion company, is more diversity in model choice.

What is your opinion on that show?