Parisian secrets

fashion August 31, 2018

When my ears catch ‘Paris’, I automatically think of a powerful, chic women strolling down the busy alley, rocking street style trend like anybody else. Obviously,

What makes Parisian style so interesting?

In my opinion, ability to mix and match pieces that are in every wardrobe with something extra avantgarde. Statement jewelry, red leather coat or way too oversized bag worn with classic white shirt and ripped mom jeans – ability to mix newest trends with classics newer out of style.

What do you need to achieve that look?

  • Shirts – plain or patterned, classic or totally modern. Explore and go crazy with fabrics and style – do not be afraid of deep decollete or back.  Experiment with unbuttoning, texture, untypical cut and characteristic sleeves.
  •  Jeans – make it simple or go totally crazy! Mum and boyfriend, ripped and skinny, low and high-waisted. Variations of these are insane!
  • Coat and trench – these are a big must have not only when it comes to Parisian style! I personally would focus on slightly oversized, classic coat in beige or deep brown – it’s just must have. Period!
  • Jewelry is a key! Focus on delicate and minimalist one but don’t be afraid to play and mix classics with some controversial one from time to time. Make statements!
  • Basic tops. Look for good quality fabrics. See through, loose and oversized – simple is better!
  • Beret. Do I have to explain why?
  • High heels. I know high heels and comfort is quite denying itself, but try to find ones you can spend in at least half a day. It doesn’t have to be 5 inches heel.

Extra tips:

  • When it comes to accessories and colors – make it simple and classic. You can choose one strong accent which will attract attention (scarf, jewelry, bag (personally fav!) or shoes), but try to contrast everything else by choosing holly grail basics. It’s all about the balance.
  •  Do not be afraid of building layers – it’s A KEY to visually slim your body.
  • Oversizing and loose fit is a key, but be careful. By doing it with every piece you may look over-dressed and you want to avoid that. Take some time, try on and have fun in front of the mirror. Wearing oversized shirt with mini or extra-slim jeans will always make your look cute!
  • Messy hair and natural make-up can help a lot to create that effortless look.
  • Matching something not so obvious, like high heels with sporty t-shirt and ripped jeans, will give you that street look, everyone is crazy about!




















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