Interior coloring – yellow edition

Yellow is the color of sunshine – happiness, hope and energy. Study shows that yellow helps memory, boosts concentration, builds confidence and encourage communication. Yellow flowers given to someone mean congratulations, a friendship and cheerfulness. Have you ever wondered why taxis and road signs are yellow? Yellow in combination with black creates the easiest combination to read from the distance.

imagesYellow, especially mustard shade, overwhelmed in fashion as well as interior world. If you haven’t seen a mustard couch taking over Pinterest and real life, I would be very surprised. Even with so many benefits, too much yellow tends to be quite overwhelming for some people. Picking yellow kitchen furniture, yellow table and painting walls yellow would be a little bit too much for  some and me included, even thought I love yellow trend.

If you don’t want to go ‘all in’ with yellow, but want to add a character to your surroundings, my answer is always: ACCESSORIES*!



Paintings are perfect to express your love to color. It can be very wallet friendly, as you need, few brushes and paints, canvas and some free time and creativity. Sky is the limit! On the other hand, if you are more of connoisseur than maker, that’s fine as well! You could find some prints of the famous pieces online or find a local artist and get inspired as well.


Left: Gazette Du Bon Ton – No4 1914 La Matinée De Printemps Print, 50 x 40cm, Natural Ash Framed Canvas, £60 to £65; Right:Paul Gauguin – Haymaking 1889 Print, Stretched Canvas, £50 to £110, both John Lewis


washed linen zara home 29,99


Yellow is the perfect color for kitchen and dining room. If there’s no need for purchasing new cutlery, which can be quite expensive, table runners and trays can be a cute touch of color (and wallet-friendly).

Washed Linen Table Runner, £29.99 at Zara Home



Doodler 3 Seater Large Sofa by Loaf at John Lewis, 1699


A good sofa is definitely a big investment for years, and even thought yellow velvet sofas are the latest biggest interior trend, I think it’s going to last much longer than two seasons. Colorful, bright and eye-catching furniture is a big and excellent interior statement.

Doodler 3 Seater Large Sofa by Loaf, £1699 at John Lewis

John Lewis & Partners Cotton Velvet Seat Pad, Saffron, 25




If sofa is a little bit too much for you or your wallet, but you still want a touch of sunny yellow, seat pads are the perfect way to add it to your dining room. A big plus of these is that if you get bored after a time, you can replace it without struggling financially too much. Even cooler if you got reversible ones!


 John Lewis & Partners Cotton Velvet Seat Pad, Saffron, £25

Dartington Crystal Clematis Flower Bottle Vase, Amber, 40.jpg



Vases, vases, vases! As in my Pink Edition, I could not stress enough, how much I love these and how useful (in many variations) vases are. Perfect gift, perfect fresh (or dried) flowers holder, piggy bank, table decoration by itself (or with flowers, fresh or dried), and many, many more. My extra tip is to look in antique or charity shops – you could find some unique vases (and more) for almost free!

Dartington Crystal Clematis Flower Bottle Vase, Amber, £40 at John Lewis





* It’s also a perfect late Christmas or last-minute birthday gift present for person who likes yellow.


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