Street Style Guide – Tracksuit pants


Tracksuit is a symbol of early 2000, having its big come-back, this time in way different, more glamorous reveal. Why does the tracksuit has ‘it’s moment’ since 2018? I think it may be related with promotion of healthy living, with waves of ‘gym-gurus’ on the Internet (which I find as one of the best lifestyle ‘trend’, don’t get me wrong!). Street style is based on unconventional taste and individual view on style and is not a trend, but the important part of creating trend itself, and it’s not a surprise, that fashion designers, stylists, editors and bloggers got inspired by sport and wealthy being and created amazing pieces and looks.

What is so special in tracksuit pants outfits?

In my opinion tracksuit pants outfits are a perfect example of where the fashion is (or should be) going right now – it’s all about experimenting, having fun, breaking the rules, and creating something, that we didn’t see before.

How to style it?

You can go in ‘total athletic’ and pair it with your favourite sneakers, backpack and white logo t-shirt or break it with extra girly pumps, cowboy boots, heeled sandals and statement earings, off-shoulder white shirt and bucket bag.

The rule is: There is no rules!


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