Rodarte Fall/Winter 2019 Ready to Wear

The fabulous sister-duet Kate and Laura Mulleavy created another dreamy fairy tale on the runway, this time inspired by Hollywood musicals from ’30s to ’70s. The show took place in flower-walled pavilion spiced up with neon fluorescent lights.

Rodartes’ ecstatic is closer to please the viewer art-wise, satisfying with the story and vision more than practical-use-wise. Asimetric cocktail dresses, XXL  gowns sweeping the runway and ruffles took over The Huntington Library on 5th February. Mulleavy Sisters created the classic and desirable hourglass silhouettes by exaggerating and up-sizing the shoulders, putting the attention on waist with logo’d belts  and palazzo pants. Ruffled roses on shoulders, butterfly and heart in model’s hair and embroidered on dresses, massive bows  and  laces, tulle gowns so dreamy wide, from whites, monochrome to electric blue and lime!  Watching the show I could do nothing  other than imagining amazing ‘every little girl’s’ red-carpet looks that could be created from that collection!


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