2 ways to up style your biker leggings look

Biker leggings are a perfect solution for active women who needs to juggle between her social, business and gym life. Or for the women that needs to make an impression of that (umm… me).

I need to admit – I wasn’t a big biker leggings lover – maybe it was because of all these outfits I have seen in chunky dad sneakers and basic t-shirt with belt bag, and don’t get me wrong I like the idea of that outfit, I just don’t like seeing it in every corner of streets. But of course, I got them under the pressure of ‘What if I don’t even try them on and will regret it forever?’. Ordered, tried on and constantly fell in love, as always.

I have started to thinking how to style biker leggings, so they can look chic and elegant during day and be useful and time-saving in the changing room during night and I came up with two simple looks that will totally change your biker leggings game.

Tank top and oversized jacket paired with strappy sandals will work perfect for business meetings as well as afterwork meetings with friends. Chic and comfy at the same time!

Statement looks are my favorite – that’s why I choose semi see-through blouse with puffed sleeves and Balenciaga kitten heels that are very hard to not notice on the streets. This outfit will do wonders on your date!

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