Leather weather

Leather is not about accessories anymore – it went far beyond! This season, focus on statement leather pieces and get inspired by Matrix esthetic! From ankle lenght coats, to volumized trousers, to midi dresses and A-line skirts, to shirts – it’s all abut #totalleather now.

Blogger wearing total leather look posing on the zebra crossing

Blogger wearing leather puffed sleeves top and patched trousers walking on the street

Street style blogger posing in front of building constructions wearing oversized sweater, pistacio jacker and leather maxi skirt

Street style blogger walking on the streets wearing caramel leather plazzo trousers and checked blazer

Leather clothes can be an amazing statement, if you want to achieve a great #StreetStyle look, but leather also can be a controversial topic, especially for animal activists. I don’t want to judge or command anyone – if you are 100% about timelessness of the leather piece, you love it and you are sure it will serve you years, if not decades, just get it. I do it myself, but when it’s possible I will get a cruelty free option. We all are trying there! Just few years ago vegan leather wasn’t that popular as it is now, so I would strongly suggest to try vegan leather options. The industry is still growing and learning on different ways to achieve best effects! You can also try to look in your local second hand shops – it will save you a lot of money and help our planet.

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