Chanel Pre-Fall 2020

Yesterday, on December 4, we witnessed the first pre-fall Chanel collection without any input of Karl Lagerfeld, who started the re-dating of the annual collections himself. Virginie Viard, the closest collaborator of Karl for over 30 years of his work for Chanel, presented the pre-fall collection, by turning runway into Métiers d’Art – famous apartment of Gabrielle ‘Coco’Chanel, that is preserved exactly as she left it after her death. Models scaled down the beige steps of Art Deco-inspired staircase, one of the most iconic accents at 31 rue Cambon.

Collection was strongly inspired by 90’s – we could spot belts placed lower on the waist, leggings and double-breasted masculine coats. Although looks were dominated by black and gold / white combination, we could spot bright, bold and warm tones of pink, purple and burgundy. One of the most eye-catching moments was definitely the tie-dye tweed cropped jacket and pencil skirt suit.

Overall, collection reminded me of empowered, practical (maybe expect few micro bags) yet funky woman knowing exactly what they want. What I would expect to see, especially from such an influential and tradition-driven fashion company, is more diversity in model choice.

What is your opinion on that show?

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