7 shades of caramel – #StreetStyle outfits to copy

Getting inspired by all the vegan salted caramel ice-creams I consume weekly, I could not do anything else, than search for all the shades of brownish gold. I picked 7 most interesting #StreetStyle looks to share with you!

Nothing looks more classy that a monochrome look. Don’t limit yourself with only black or white monochromes and go caramel! Golden accessories will look especially amusing with warm tones!

Caramel will work amazing with other warm brownish and nude colors! Styling your sweater with nude cargo shorts and high boots will definitely add extra confidence to your attitude! Plus, where can I get these rectangular sunnies?!

Who said utility jacket cant’t work with pencil dress? Elevate your look with accessories retro inspired accessories like rounded 80’s sunnies, geometrical bag and Mary Janes!

Style your favourite cream suit with velvet caramel pumps and chocolate shearling jacket. Want to add a pop of color? Pick a warm toned purples or pinks – these shades will co-operate with your deserty items!

Your caramel teddy coat will work wonders with navy shades! Choose a maxi dress underneath or a pussy bow navy shirt and cream wide trousers – a perfect look for date, interview or office work!

Casual day in the city with girlfriends? Choose a caramel corduroy high waisted trousers and utility jacket with statement element like oversized collar, XXXL pockets or widen sleeves. And brown accessories, mandatory!

Caramel PCV trench coat is a perfect and timeless statement! Either go big with flowery maxi dress and white accessories or go total B&W for a extra contrast effect!

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