70’s are back!

Nothing inspires me more than London Fashion Week – whenever it comes to runway or Street Style. It’s a true definition of it : unpolished, untamed, above all the rules and trends and purely flamboyant!

Although there were many of amazing looks, including a big comeback of total camel looks in AW2020 season, which I will definitely focus on in future, there was one interesting detail that was constantly repeating on runways (including Erdem and Victoria Beckham) and worn by influencers… 70’s disco shirt inspired collars, which I’m already dying to try upcoming seasons!

Victoria Beckham AW2020 London show model wearing 70's inspired collared shirt underneath yellow jumper

Erdem AW2020 London Show behind scenes model wearing checked monochrome 70's inspired collared dress and silver gloves

Couple walking on London streets during Autumn/Winter 2020 Fashion Week

Style influencer walking on the London streets during A/W Fashion Week wearing 70's inspired collared shirt underneath mint sweater

Victoria Beckham A/W 2020 Fashion Show model wearing white high knee boots and 70's inspired blue collared shirt underneath cobalt  jumper

Model wearing white shirt with 70's inspired collar and silver gloves on Erdem Autumn/Winter 2020 show during Lodnon Fashion Week 2020

Two fashion influencers wearing 70's inspired outfits during Autumn/Winter London Fashion Week 2020

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