May/June wish list

First of all, I would like to statement a disclaimer, that none of these things will make you happier, better or healthier and these three, as well as financial stability should be your main focus.

I’m sharing my shopping list purely as an inspiration every month, as fashion and beauty industry plays a huge role in my life and gets me inspired and hopeful for outstanding future ahead of us. I researched and did my best to promote creative boutiques and female founders, which I will always support.

As I stand by a classic jeans and white shirt look and white plays the beautiful canvas for accessories, accenting tanned skin, this front knot cotton shirt is a beautiful ‘basic with a twist’ for Summers to come.

Since I saw them, I couldn’t stop thinking about them. Beautiful statement wave, delicate sunny color and ideal heel – heavenly perfect Summer shoes for long dancing night and vino in the garden, even if you’re not allowed to leave your house for this reason yet!

My Summer time equals dry complexion, and since I tried this magic in the bottle, I’m 100% sure it works wonders – brings back visibly healthy, moisturized and dense skin back literally after 1 use! I got 5ml tester with one of my orders and it lasted me for 3 weeks, so I’m also pretty sure the product is worth its price.

Jen Atkin, founder of OUAI is a definition of hair genius. She’s responsible for flawless locks not only of herself but top models and celebrities. OUAI doesn’t forget to include natural treasures like hemp seeds or avocado oil to name few! The freshest range targets 3 types of hair – thick, medium and fair, targeting the styling problems.

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