5 Forever pieces worth investing in this Spring/Summer season

Forever pieces are ones that never goes out of style and become an extraordinary addition to your wardrobe, that thanks to its quality and functionality can be passed to the future generations.

Few words on sustainability…

As you may know already, I’m a little bit of a freak when it comes to sustainability. But so far, majority of my clothing still comes from fast fashion, which is not sustainable at all. But fast fashion closed, and still speeding circle can be easily broken, by very few simple rules: 1) Re-use. Before buying, make sure you’ll going to wear it several times a month and that the style will still be adaptable in the future years. 2) Re-style. Make sure you can style a new piece easily, according to what you already own. 3) Take care. Just because you can easily afford it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be taken care of properly. It’s someone’s hard, very likely underpaid work, and as long as you take a proper care of it, it will last you longer. And will give you more outfit options in the future.

Our demand is manipulated by retailers by creating new styles weekly (!!!), in limited amounts – they sell out quickly, so you feel the pressure and need to get it ASAP, before it sell out, while high quality brands release new products two times a year, hence Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter fashion weeks. And hence one of my 2020 goals is to focus on quality, not quantity (which of course doesn’t exclude second-hand shopping and controlled fast fashion purchases!).

1. Lemaire button front shirt dress, available at FARFETCH
2. Aquazzura Gitana Sandal Flat
3. Chloé Tess shoulder bag, available at Net-A-Porter
4. Prada Ultravox Alternative Fit Sunglasses
5. Magda Butrym Black Sweden wrap-tie sandals, available at FARFETCH

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