6 ways to upgrade your wardrobe in 2019

Fashion industry is always ahead and designers are already getting prepared for 2020, with their visions for Fall/Winter ’19 Season. Fashion magazines, on the other hand, are focused on putting together trends for Spring. It can be really confusing – what should I be looking at, while shopping?

So what are the best pieces to invest in for Spring/Summer season, that will keep looking great during future cold seasons? Yes, let’s keep it practical!

6. White Shirt

It’s never out of style and it’s excellent base to create interesting outfit and to show your personality. Either you are a lover of minimalism, or of total splendor, or balance in between, white shirt should always be in your wardrobe. This season try to go a little bit crazier with your shirt – oversize it, choose puffed, extra-long or wide sleeves and frilled western-inspired details.


5. Denim with the twist

Definately my favorite trend, changing even most boring t-shirt look into masterpiece. Extra seams, dramatic pantleg, variations in color – YES, PLEASE! They look amazing paired with boots and classic coats or styled with mules and tiny tops, which makes them excellent transition piece from hot to cold season – and the other way!


4. Croc-effect bag

Straw, woven and wooden bags, essence of summer look, were the biggest trend during winter, which proved that fashion loves to break rules, and they’re still going to go strong in S/S 2019, but croc-effect vintage bags are the ones that will steal the show! Not to mention they would look super-cute with overscaled white shirt and flared jeans!


3. Statement earings

They had their beggining at the end of last summer and still going strong. Statement earings are perfect way to make your outfit look more interesting and outstanding. Chunky hoops, geometric shapes, fringes, metals or materials – it’s all up to your liking, but pearls, fake or real, are going to play the main role this summer!


2. Go Green!

Neon green, pistachio green, deep bottle green. Green is smashing street looks right now and is growing faster than any other. Bright and pastels are going to top any other colors, but green is on top on everything. Kendall Jenners obsession for green played the big role in that trend, so go check her Instagram account for inspiration.


1. MIX!

If you have any pieces that completely don’t go together, pair them! Mixing contrasting colors, fabrics and prints is going to make you pop on the streets and events. There are no rules and no perfect recipe for this trend. The messier, the better. And even if this trend will die quickly, it will leave you with fantastic, outstanding pieces that you can treat as ‘one big accent’ and pair with more ‘down-to-earth’ clothes.

Tip: Check second hand/ thrift shops, you will be surprised!


3 thoughts on “6 ways to upgrade your wardrobe in 2019”

  1. Croc Bag is definitely on my list! *-* And I am excited for the green trend – I read somewhere that especially in combination with beige it’s gonna be big 🙂
    What’s your favourite trend?
    xx Eliane

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