7 pieces worth investing in no matter what trends tell you

Trends come and go, and not many (including me) can afford to change closet upside down two times a year. Last seasons it was all about neon green, this time we ditch it for baby blue. Round neckline shifts to the square one. Mini skirts lengthen to the status of midi, but for how long? It’s hard to catch up with information, but let’s be real – also with money!

How to smartly invest your money in timeless pieces that will be useful no matter what trends tells us? I came up with 7 classic pieces (surprise, surprise with number) you can style up or down no matter the situation and season (and can be styled effortlessly with new trends, if you really want to try them!).

blue jeans

Nothing feels better than well fitted jeans. They are a strong base of most of our daily outfits – easy to style almost anything with, starting from very basic to extremely statement pieces, that’s why I find it really important to find the best fit in that category, either you’re looking at designer organic cotton ones or second hand jeans. As cotton industry is not friendly for us, our health and future on the only planet that supports our life, I would strongly suggest to look into sustainable options. It’s really worth it!

oversized blazer

Oversized, masculine blazer is a pure empowerment (and definitely my favorite) in your wardrobe. You can style it on so many ways, it almost hurts me I will not be able to mention every single one, but my top 3 are: layered with sweater, palazzo trousers and strappy heels, thrown on a dress during ‘chilly’ summer nights and classic jean and white tee way, but with blazer, sky is the limit.

onepiece swimming suit

Swimming suits are, in my opinion, the most important section of your wardrobe. Never, ever underestimate a structured, supportive swimming suit. Beach time can really be stressful for some, unfortunately. Onepieces are the ones that you just can’t go wrong – flatter all the body types and sizes and classic – which makes them the perfect investment.

strappy dress

Strappy dresses are a huge inspiration by 90’s stars, and a huge trend in 2019, but really, they are perfectly timeless and just perfect for date night, holiday season or even events and red carpet. You can ‘modernize’ 90’s, by adding it bag or sandals from this season. The backless midi version is all I live for.

statement WS

It may seem strange that statement white shirt is on my classics list, but trends that are on top of every influencers’ list can become unique pieces over the year, and I am a strong believer, that ‘classic with twist’ is the best way to go.

woven bag

Bag, that may be found controversial on timeless pieces to invest in. Woven or straw bag had a big transition from beach to city bag last year, no matter the season, and it’s still keeping a high position in bag trends. Trends may change, but it still will work amazingly with whites.

statement pumps

High heels or kitten heels, mules or sandals, statement shoes will never, ever go out of style. They’re the key to personal time, turning the most basic looks into intriguing. Even if you go with most popular color in fashion in this season, or stick classic for shoes black, as its’ style is enough for you, in few years they’ll still be flamboyant.

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