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Winter is my least favorite time of year for many reasons – days are shorter and apparently so is my creativity (although I don’t know if you could describe creativity as ‘short’, but neither can you call it ‘big’ or count the level of it so I will leave it like that), foggy days are not really getting me all inspired and ready for hard work. Not to mention seeing the 100 000th caramel coat or teddy coat outfit picture on Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, I hype about a good, classic coat but… come on!

So how can I make a difference, you may ask? Here are my 5 answers to that question, which are very easy to style and adapt to any wardrobe:



1. Croc-effect!

This trend is literally everywhere – from accessories like cute vintage bag and ankle length boots to… COATS. So why don’t try to level your winter look up with leather coat or pants patterned in croc? Extra easy to style – with that statement piece you don’t need much more than white shirt, girly pumps and straight-leg jeans.





2.Shearling coat

Just like croc-effect one, cute and interesting alternative to classic coat, and still extra easy to style – will work amazing with either your basic jumper and cowboy boots or something crazy, like sequins pants and platform boots.





33. Coloring

Winter doesn’t have to be all about blacks, beiges and whites. It looks cute, but not 20th day in the row, so choosing statement colors is a good way to get noticed in the crowd. If you don’t own any color in your clothes section, try with accessories – red lacquered heels or electric blue bag.







4. Faux Fur

Another statement piece that took 2018 by storm. At first I found it a little bit too extra, but I’m dying to try this trend now! You can create amazing Street Style inspired looks by breaking glamorous fur vibe with sporty pieces like sneakers or hoodie.

And funky sunglasses are a must accessory!







5. Oversized aviator

Wearing extra masculine or military-inspired coat is a must try this winter! Works extra flattering with flowy dresses and flared jeans and boots. Oversize it to add a bit of ‘my boyfriends jacket’ vibe.

Tip:You can find an amazing piece in second-hand shop!


Oversizing is my favorite trend, and used the right way can upgrade any look to street style level. Back when I started to be more interested in fashion, oversized t-shirt with cool logo and extra skinny jeans were the only way I would consider oversizing to be done. Well… oversized look can’t be limited to baggy tee + skinny jeans look!


Office oversizing

Who doesn’t get bored with perfectly tailored, black suits and polished pumps? Dramatically over-sized boyfriend blazers are the good way to adapt your office wardrobe to oversizing trend. Getting inspired by 90’s series characters is a perfect idea! If you are really into oversizing, and you are not afraid to surprise with the outfit choice, pick high-waisted loose fit trousers and blazer. And don’t forget about funny sunglasses!



Belt it!

If you are afraid that you will disappear under the big coat or dress, bring some attention to your waist and wear high heels – it will create an amazing hourglass shape and optically slim your silhouette. Cute pearl hair clips and fringed bag are great accessories for that look! And while still here… you can oversize your belt as well!



Break the girly look!

Flowery summer dress or denim skirt? Break the stereotype by styling it with boyfriend blazer or military jacket.  Add some cool cowboy boots and ear clips, and you got it!




Go all in!

Choosing to oversize every piece of my look used to really scare me. I was afraid that I would look wide and massive, but it works perfectly – it actually gives your outfit a perfect layered, chic vibe!





Have fun!

Fashion is all about having fun and expressing yourself, so just go out there and show off your creativity! Found a perfect oversized shirt in the second-hand store? Layer it, wear it with contrasting acessories, or with the extra skinny leather pants and micro-bag. Do whatever feels right for you and be brave!