Most of trends and inspiration comes from street style, and I, as probably many of you, get mostly inspired, by scrolling down the Pinterest and Instagram. As rainy and short days are ahead of us, coats and jacket looks are bombarding feeds on social media, I have decided to share the outfits that inspire me the most:

Look 1

Extra long trench and cute accessories. Sock+loafers may be to extravagant for some, but it’s amazing solution for flat shoe lovers during ‘close to 0’ temperatures.

Look 2

Another extra long trench, this time with more ‘cooled down’ accessories. Retro sunglasses and jeans paired with boots brings parisian vibes.

Look 3

Very simple trench with cross body bag. In this look it’s all about shoes and tailored trousers combo!

Look 5

I love simple solutions – extra glam heels and very sporty jacket is essention of steet style.

Look 6

Ivory, simple base contrasting with ‘ugly shoes‘ and overscaled shearling jacket in ivory and mustard. And badass sunglasses.

Look 8

Excellent accessories game! Very simple plaid coat spiced up with feather-detailed pumps and extravagant metallic bag.

Look 9

Simple and beautiful. Long, deep khaki coat, simple base and contrasting caramel long boots.


Photos: Pinterest

Chanel announced the end of fur and exotic skin, which makes it the first luxury fashion house in the world to do that! Chanel is also one of the first fashion companies, which presented us the close-up to Fall trends a year in advance. The show took place in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York just few hours ago. Karl Lagerfeld as a creative director took inspiration from Antient Egypt (10 BC Temple of Dendur setting as the backdrop!) and New York itself, keeping the of the iconic tweed fashion giant.

We can spot slim, ivory dresses layered with overscaled jackets, amazing jewellery and metallic accessories (especially hats!). Althrought most of the looks were soaking in sandy golds, we can spot a touch of color – Nile River blue and sunny oranges. It was also an amazing surprise to see Pharrell Williams debuting in total gold look on runway!















IMG_6282If you asked me ‘What is the most important detail in the outfit?’, I would answer: ‘Shoes!’ without hesitation. Although I could never choose to describe myself as ‘a shoe’ or ‘a bag’ person, as I share the same amount of love to shoes and bags, I’m without doubt, that anyone can pull of the most extravagant shoes.

My opinion about ‘crazy’ shoes and shoes in general used be different, looking back. I used to pick only the classic types, which I still love, but now I would like to invest in more unusual ones next season. Why?

‘The uglier shoe, the better look.’


It’s my personal joke, but when you think about it… Even the most classic, minimalist style (obsessed!) polished with the most uncommon shoes, either in shape of heel, length or width of upper or color (or all at once), makes you stand out.

And either you are the master of extravagant looks, mixing and matching unusual prints, colors and textures, or a classic girl just wanting to start experimenting with accessories (nothing looks better than plaid suit with extra-neony yellow pumps!) it’s always good to have a good balance between classic and extraordinary shoes.


Are you more a crazy shoe lady or more of the always classy one? Let me know in the comment section.