As much as I am the biggest fan of investing in classic pieces, I love to spoil myself now and then and follow few trends, that will most likely become a statement or return in future season – fashion is revolving! Upcoming seasons will bring a lot of refreshed trends from past, so it’s worth to look around the local thrift shops and search on the apps like Depop or Vinted.

Accessories – I call them the soul of the look. Even if you serve a simple white shirt and denim look, a good pair of shoes, sunglasses and bag (I wrote about them in 7 it bags for 2020) and, theoretically ‘boring’ look can become really interesting.

This time is all about my favourite, yet neglected, when it comes to my investments – shoes!


I remember, back in 2015 when I actually started to be more aware of fashion, espadrilles were huge! And everywhere! They definitely have their biggest return moment yet, but I’m pretty sure they will be coming back every season!

Style tip! Get inspired by 80’s and style them with oversized linen white dresses or bell bottoms.

mary janes

Inspired by unisex shoes for children from early XX century years, Mary Janes became an inspiration for the biggest fashion houses like Gucci, Chanel or Miu Miu. This time in sexy, high heeled version.

Style tip! Although they may be too heavy for flowery maxi dresses, they will work amazing with miniskirts, LBDs and marine shorts!


Okay, they’re classics, and if you own a pair of classic loafers, it may be the time to think about more chicky version of them! Also, check my Sienna Millers’ Style close up for major loafer inspo!

Style tip! Classic loafers will look amazing with oversized pieces like blazers or puffy dresses!

PCV sandals

‘Barely there’ sandals updated to invisible ones! I was quite sceptical when it came to them at first, maybe because all the sweaty boots stories I’ve heard of (or seen!!!), but using PCV in sandals is quite smart move – they’re definately more breathable than ankle boots.

Style tip! They will look amazing, complementing both coctail party and ripped jeans and t-shirt coffee date looks!

IfIf we thought that with lavender field fashion show in Provence last summer Simon Porte Jacquemus ‘broke’ the Internet and overtook fashion side of Instagram, we were way beyond wronged. Gigi Hadids’ iconic hair flip is overtaking every corner of social medias.

Simons’ proposition for long to come, yet already inspiring silhouettes are mostly dirty ivory linen, canvas like tones for both men and women. We could spot a pop of colour, perhaps nostalgic to the lavender show, although the venue this year had place in closed space, stadium at La Defense in western suburbs of Paris.

Jacquemus bets on simple and multi-occasion pieces like almost backless dresses, sophisticated crop tops and off shoulder cardigans, miniskirts and deep slits. Men were accompanying women on runway, wearing oversized puffed jackets, loose fit suits and matching sets styled with amazing unisex bags, flies open seam contrast trousers or layered up-sized coats and cross body bags which were screaming street style! The show could not happen without perfectly detailed shoes, both for men and women and micro and XXL bags, really characteristic for proportion master, Jacquemus.

Plus, BRAVO for inclusivity on the runway! Other brands should take a serious notes!

After the time of oversized, shoulder padded, boyfriend, ex-boyfriend and dad blazers, the time came! Cropped blazer made it’s way into 2020 with a lot of positive noise. It hits the waist just in the right place, subtely accenting it and it looks extra-cute with co-ord bottoms.