I don’t know one person who doesn’t own at least 3-4 pairs of jeans. Not to mention cotton tops, dresses, jackets and shoes.

IMG_6375It’s the most popular fabric in the world, but not many people know, that to produce only 1kg of cotton, between 10 000 to 22 500 liters of water is needed (depending on source of information). So beloved cotton has a big impact on Environment, and it’s not a good one, unfortunately. Cotton cultivation causes many problems as pollution, usage of pesticides, and most shocking and devastating – Aral Sea, 4th the largest lake in the world, shrinking ‘thanks to’ cotton cultivation in that area. Thankfully big steps were made and restoration project came to life – big part of North Aral Sea is coming back to life, but we wouldn’t have that problem, if prevented.

I am a big fan of natural sources, and even now, when I have more knowledge about cotton, it’s still one of my favorite, easiest accessible and comfortable fabrics to wear. Without a doubt, cotton overtook fashion, but it doesn’t mean you, as a costumer, can’t make a difference! There IS plenty you can do!



As a costumer, you have a right to know everything about the product you wish to purchase. If more people ask, for example, if that pair of jeans is made of organic cotton, it will create a clear signal to producers. Ask, research the company and the product, read the labels or chatt/write an e-mail to costumer service. Demand creates supply!



Owning 1 good quality product, that serves you ages is ALWAYS better that 5 products of the same use, but in poor condition, thrown away after 20 uses. I own many pairs of jeans, but all of them are different (cause do you really need another pair of light blue mum jeans, but this time ripped 2cm higher on the left tight?), and I bought them with intention of owning them for longer than one season. And yes, most of them are fast fashion, I still own and wear the same pair of mum jeans from Topshop bought in 2014, and I’m not willing to stop!



If you really-really just can’t look at this denim jacket anymore, or it can’t fit you anymore, as all of us change with time (not only inside), you could always make a little effort and download apps like Depop or Vinted, take a picture of it, and post it! There is a big chance someone likes it and wants to buy it. You may also find something you like and even exchange! Your wallet is happy, you have more space in your wardrobe (possibly for something you really wanted for a looong time) and you have another ‘little’ green input!



I used to be ashamed as a kid to visit second hands, as probably most of us, but now, thankfully, for the sake of Mother Earth, it’s getting really popular and appreciated by more and more conscious society (unlike when I was a child), and has been appreciated by your wallet, as you could always, then as much as now, find some amazing pieces in budget friendly price! If it’s out of your comfort zone or you don’t have much of experience, you could always ask your friends to come with you, as it may turn out as a fun afternoon! You may laugh about me mentioning experience in regards to second-hand shops, but believe me – you will need to come with the strategy, as the amount of clothes may overwhelm. The best working for me is focusing on labels, then checking the style and condition, not bothering with mens and women section (I don’t do that even during shopping in stores that are not second hand) and having the thought at the back of your head that this day you may not find anything special for yourself and it shouldn’t make you less eager to explore the next times.



The classics are always a good reason to spend a little extra money on a better quality, but you need to remember that some trends, which last for a while and disappear, can, and usually do come back! Just look at the flared/wide leg jeans or denim jackets! They’re back stronger than ever, but 100% more original and authentic, when digged out from the bottom of your mothers wardrobe or second-hand! Investing in unique, pieces that you will wear with love for years is much better than mass execution of X-th pair of jeans you don’t really need at the till of fast fashion store (you pick which one). When loved and cared for and kept properly, could serve well you or your children and grandchildren in times of another rise of popularity of that piece!


I know it may sound and look ridiculous – fashion related resolutions? Did you completely lost it? Well… YES. But there’s always the right time and the room for improvement. I treat fashion as well as my hobby AND work, I’m privileged to work my passion part-time, and there’s no greater thing to do. And I still got plenty to improve, educate myself about and I believe I can grow in that very important area of my life as well.

I’m not really into New Year Eve and New Year Resolution. It’s a beautiful date to celebrate, bur for me resolution is a simple decision to do or not to do something, I wake up with resolutions every single day. Of course some resolutions take longer, but in these situations days are like puzzles – either you pick it and put in the right place, which allows you to see an extra-tiny bit more of the final picture, or you ignore it and wait for another one to catch your attention (aka either you do it today, or wait for ‘tomorrow’; every day is another step and is going to pass either you want it or not).


So… There are my 5 top resolutions for this year:

5. Be braver pattern and color wise.

I always described my style as simple and classic. There were not many other colors in my wardrobe than black, blue, white and grey, and when it came to patterns… I was scared of them, as well as accessories. It’s nothing wrong to trust your basics, and I still love them and I plan to post and create plenty of content about must-have classic pieces. It’s also nothing wrong to experiment, express yourself and your passion, share it and have fun during this short time on that planet! So prepare yourself for brighter, braver and more extravagant outfits I’ve been planning!

4. Post every second day.

I came up with this idea a lot earlier, but January just seemed right to start. And I’m not sure it may be a little of the ‘New Year new me‘ magic or this was just purely accidental. If you follow me for a little bit, you may noticed. In 2019 I started to post every second day. It’s quite overwhelming and can be difficult sometimes (and I notice it after what, 20 days?) to balance personal life and blog, but it’s a process and to see any results practice, practice and practice is needed. I’m not planning to stress out about it, if I really didn’t feel like creating anything the due day, I simply wouldn’t, we are all just people. But I’m going to do my best and approach it with the healthy mindset.

3. Take care of your body!

With healthy body comes the healthy mind, as they say. Back in 2017 I started to focus more on that, but this time I want to make it a habit. I wasn’t always systematic with exercising and my meals (my ‘portioning’ has no limits) and I want and have to change that. There is no top secured secret that looks matter in that profession. And believe me movement does matter even more when you spend most of the time working on the computer!

2. Invest in at least 2 high-end.

Since I remember I always had a thing for the designer creations, secretly saving links and day-dreaming about them, but never laid my hands on any. Well… yet! I plan to make bigger investments this or next year (being realistic here). I don’t want to promise it to myself, as I can’t predict the future, but I have big hopes with this one!

1. Educate yourself!

Only last year I have just heard for the first time (shocking!) about a very important problem which is fast fashion and its nasty stealing and destroying business. As much as it’s almost unrealistic to avoid it 100%, it’s still very important to talk about it and express your opinion as a consumer. But as well as there are brands playing nasty game, there are brands that want to profit on pure quality and creativity, that are free from people and animals suffering and Mother Earth does matter to them. There’s a lot that I don’t know. Fashion and beauty – these are businesses. And as every business, it has its history, people standing behind it, its ups and downs, glory days and sins some try to cover. Fashion and beauty was and is the fastest growing industry, and there’s so much I’m hungry to know!

Yellow is the color of sunshine – happiness, hope and energy. Study shows that yellow helps memory, boosts concentration, builds confidence and encourage communication. Yellow flowers given to someone mean congratulations, a friendship and cheerfulness. Have you ever wondered why taxis and road signs are yellow? Yellow in combination with black creates the easiest combination to read from the distance.

imagesYellow, especially mustard shade, overwhelmed in fashion as well as interior world. If you haven’t seen a mustard couch taking over Pinterest and real life, I would be very surprised. Even with so many benefits, too much yellow tends to be quite overwhelming for some people. Picking yellow kitchen furniture, yellow table and painting walls yellow would be a little bit too much for  some and me included, even thought I love yellow trend.

If you don’t want to go ‘all in’ with yellow, but want to add a character to your surroundings, my answer is always: ACCESSORIES*!



Paintings are perfect to express your love to color. It can be very wallet friendly, as you need, few brushes and paints, canvas and some free time and creativity. Sky is the limit! On the other hand, if you are more of connoisseur than maker, that’s fine as well! You could find some prints of the famous pieces online or find a local artist and get inspired as well.


Left: Gazette Du Bon Ton – No4 1914 La Matinée De Printemps Print, 50 x 40cm, Natural Ash Framed Canvas, £60 to £65; Right:Paul Gauguin – Haymaking 1889 Print, Stretched Canvas, £50 to £110, both John Lewis


washed linen zara home 29,99


Yellow is the perfect color for kitchen and dining room. If there’s no need for purchasing new cutlery, which can be quite expensive, table runners and trays can be a cute touch of color (and wallet-friendly).

Washed Linen Table Runner, £29.99 at Zara Home



Doodler 3 Seater Large Sofa by Loaf at John Lewis, 1699


A good sofa is definitely a big investment for years, and even thought yellow velvet sofas are the latest biggest interior trend, I think it’s going to last much longer than two seasons. Colorful, bright and eye-catching furniture is a big and excellent interior statement.

Doodler 3 Seater Large Sofa by Loaf, £1699 at John Lewis

John Lewis & Partners Cotton Velvet Seat Pad, Saffron, 25




If sofa is a little bit too much for you or your wallet, but you still want a touch of sunny yellow, seat pads are the perfect way to add it to your dining room. A big plus of these is that if you get bored after a time, you can replace it without struggling financially too much. Even cooler if you got reversible ones!


 John Lewis & Partners Cotton Velvet Seat Pad, Saffron, £25

Dartington Crystal Clematis Flower Bottle Vase, Amber, 40.jpg



Vases, vases, vases! As in my Pink Edition, I could not stress enough, how much I love these and how useful (in many variations) vases are. Perfect gift, perfect fresh (or dried) flowers holder, piggy bank, table decoration by itself (or with flowers, fresh or dried), and many, many more. My extra tip is to look in antique or charity shops – you could find some unique vases (and more) for almost free!

Dartington Crystal Clematis Flower Bottle Vase, Amber, £40 at John Lewis





* It’s also a perfect late Christmas or last-minute birthday gift present for person who likes yellow.