Decorating your house can be overwhelming sometimes. Just like in fashion, interior design world has many trends that come and go and it’s really hard to keep up with all of them. Not to mention finding budget, that would cover all the assortment and work.

My best advise, when it comes to interior designing, would be: FOCUS ON DETAILS. Painting the walls every 6 months, because deep navy is not ‘in’ anymore, and now it’s all about bottle-green wouldn’t be the sign of wisdom. But adding some pillows, blankets or even paintings, if you are so into ‘the newest color of season’ is not a bad idea (and is wallet friendly). It’s also a great idea for present!

This time I thought: PINK! When thinking about adding some color to your surroundings, nothing is better, than pink. Cool and pastel tones of pink, for those who like more of ‘toned’ colors or don’t like distraction, or crazy neony pinks for those, who on the other hand love a bit of craziness in their home.

Cire trudon Netaporter


Candles are the perfect option as a present (and as a present for yourself). Who doesn’t love a good candle? Those with interesting packaging are a good first step to add some color to your bedroom, living room or working space. And when it’s burnt, it can be used as a make-up brushes holder.

Cire Trudon Abd El Kader scented candle,
£78 Net-A-Porter





Throws, blankets, bedspreads, duvet covers and pillows are another simple and effective step to add some pink to your surroundings. And in my opinion there is never enough blankets you can have. Even the most boring and bleary couch  would look good with one of these amazing blankets on.

Anthropologie Janet Throw, £118 at John Lewis,

Designer's Guild Sunflower Throw, Multi





Designer’s Guild Sunflower Throw,£225 at John Lewis.





John Lewis & Partners Meghan Fluted Back Velvet Armchair, Dark Leg, Aquaclean Harriet RosePols Potten Oily Folds Vase, Medium







If pink (or any other color you find pleasing) is ‘the one’, investing some money in a good piece of furniture seems like a good idea. One solid, contrasting piece like sofa or airmchair, makes a perfect statement for monochromic interiors.

John Lewis & Partners Meghan Fluted Back Velver Airmchair, £749.00 at John Lewis.




Vase is another perfect present, and my little obsession lately. Just like blankets, I find that there is no amount of vases that could be enough. It adds character to the interior and can be used in varieties – to hold beautiful flowers you get from some special men, as a table decoration during fancy dinner or even as a coin piggy bank (or notes, if it was an ugly vase and you need a reason to break it).

Pols Potten Oily Folds Vase, Medium £58 at John Lewis.


2018 is nearly over, and my mind is ran over by lots of uncontrolled retrospections and feelings, luckily, most of them are positive. Even though some of my goals were barely ‘touched’, some shamefully forgot, I feel very accomplished, which made me very confused, as for sure you know someone who is doing very well, but is still dissatisfied. I started to question, what makes me different? Whan makes me feel so happy and acomplished? This brought me to the point, where I started to think about my perspective of the over-glorified ‘motivation’.


I’m not a big fan of ‘motivation’ for many reasons. Mostly, because I don’t believe there is such a thing like motivation. In my opinion, motivation is just an excitement, when the ‘new’ appears on your journey – either it’s new career, new apartment, new resolutions, new habits.

And as most of us know, excitement (or motivation) is a feeling, which is not going to last forever. For example: you have decided to join the gym and work for the body of your dreams. First one/two months you feel ‘motivated’ to go there and give your best on treadmill every day. You see amazing results, but after that third week you feel lack of energy and your body doesn’t change that drastically, as it used to at first. Your ‘motivation’ disappears.

I believe in staying focused. The term itself is empowering – it’s all about you. Staying focus equals trusting yourself, your journey and your capabilities. You don’t rely on ‘motivation’ which, as you probably know already, comes and go really fast.

What are my top rules that help me to stay focused on my goals?

1. Be kind to yourself.

Usually when it comes to goals, it’s something new, or something restarted after a way to long gap. It’s a learning process. It’s not a school, you won’t get skills by learning it by heart, but by doing it in practice. You will make mistakes, that’s for sure. You will need to rethink, sometimes start from the beginning. You will need a break. If you feel very disappointed, frustrated or overwhelmed, make a list of your advantages, even as ridiculous like ‘I’m good at washing the dishes’ or ‘I make the best tea ever!’. You are the person that talks to you all the time. You wouldn’t want to spend time with someone who is really negative and way to heavy-handed towards you. Of course, self-assessment is very important, but make it constructive. Your journey is a process, which needs tons of patience and self-love. ♥

2. Focus on greater results.

Decide, what you want and describe it like a picture to your friend on the phone, focusing on every little detail. You can write it down, or lock the vision in your memory bank (aka brain), whatever works for you. Then don’t stop, untill you get it. You need to understand that during the time, your vision may get slightly in the different direction, or completely somewhere else, (your goals was to weight certain amount, but you realized that you feel great somewhere in the middle of weight loss or gain, or you wanted to move to bigger apartment, but staying at work till late night is not doing well to your relationship and you realize, that maybe you don’t need 4-bedroom house and 3 will do just enough for upcoming years) and that’s okay. As I mentioned, it’s your journey. Make sure that these changes are 100% team-working with your heart and mind.

3. Work every day towards your goals.

No matter where you are, how much you feel like not doing it, spend some time on your goals, even if it’s 15 minutes. Get creative! Even if it’s watching a tutorial or biography, writing few lines, mindstorming about next steps or content, taking a walk instead of bus, saying no to second drink, choosing fruit salad over ice-cream on vacation. Every little step towards your goal brings you closer. Not every day will be great and progressing, but marking the tiniest thing as done will make it count. As they say ‘A bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.’ – it this saying works for every aspect of your life.

What are your opinions about motivation? What keeps you going and working towards achieving your goals?

The most important month for Halloween Lovers is halfway gone, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to catch up (or watch again 25th time) on most iconic ‘scary’ movies.




If you are not a big fan of horror movies, like me (I didn’t sleep untill sunrise after seeing The Conjuring, and since then my relationship with horror movies, at one point lovely and unhealthy, is done), but still want to celebrate the Halloween, or you are just big fan of Tim Burton’s vibes (not only but mostly), here are my top 5 movies, that will give you that vibe without actually scarring the shit out of you:


5.Frankenweenie (2012)MV5BY2UwYWI3MTktM2MxNC00MjRhLTlkMWEtYTNjMjRkOTIwOTkyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTAyODkwOQ@@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,674,1000_AL_

This amazing black and white stop motion animation (it’s basically re-positioning static objects while filming a frame per increment) directed and co-writed by Tim Burton is an amazing movie for cozy Sunday afternoon with family or friends. The main character, Victor is a young boy, home movie maker with big passion for science, not always understood by his family and colleagues. After a tragic accident, he decides to turn back to life his beloved dog and companion, Sparky.  His ‘dark’ secrete gets out of control, and brings serious danger to the city.

4.Coraline (2009)MV5BMzQxNjM5NzkxNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzg5NDMwMg@@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,674,1000_AL_

Adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s award-winning novel with the same tittle. This animation is more closely to drama than family movie. 11 year-old Coraline, after moving to new house with her parents, feels very lonely and constantly neglected by her family. While exploring new surroundings, she finds the doors to another world – over-idealized version of her home, which seems to be too perfect.


3.Corpse Bride (2005)MV5BMTk1MTY1NjU4MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjIzMTEzMw@@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,676,1000_AL_

Another stop motion animation from Tim Burton. Back in XIV century shy groom-to-be Victor after miserable wedding rehearsal decides to calm his nerves at the woods, where he finally recite his vows correctly. Little he knows about the presence of deceased bride, who rises from the dead excited for her new marriage. Corpse Bride introduces Victor to her dead friends, and he’s desperately trying to escape.



2.Beetlejuice (1988)MV5BZDdmNjBlYTctNWU0MC00ODQxLWEzNDQtZGY1NmRhYjNmNDczXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTQxNzMzNDI@._V1_SY1000_SX670_AL_

Classic comedy directed by Tim Burton. Beautiful story about happily married couple – Adam and Barbara, who dies in car accident. Their spirits are locked in their house and determined to get rid of the new owners, who turns their beloved home upside down. After many failed attempts, they realize that only Lydia, artistic and rebellious teenager, can see them. The couple decides to ask for help a bizarre spirit, Betelgeuse, not fully aware of his true intentions.


1.The Addams Family (1991)MV5BODc1NmY0MDUtNjUzNS00ODdhLWJlN2ItMTgwZjczZjI0MDkyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTAyODkwOQ@@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,761,1000_AL_

Perfect family movie directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. A grotesque and wealthy, yet with strong values, Addams family lives their happy, ‘normal’ life, surrounded by death. All until a tall man appears under their door, claiming to be Fester Addams, a long-lost, believed to be dead, brother. At first the head of the family, Gomez Addams, welcomes his brother with opened heart, blinded by thrills and excitement, but other members of the family start to raise questions and doubts. Fester has to face family’s maniacal games to prove them wrong and to take over Addam’s fortune.


What is your favourite spooky movie? Let me know in the comments.

Love, A.