Check Mate!

Check, just unlike any other (maybe except polka dots), is the most classic, basic and timeless pattern that should (if haven’t already) find its place in your wardrobe. And the right piece can serve you many looks for many years! So… what are the perfect checked clothes to put on your fashion investment list? How to style it to look amazing on streets or an event?

Checked suit 

It’s one of the basics of basics – you can wear it for many ways, separate it, wear it together for a perfectly tailored or oversized statement look. Checked blazer is veeery helpful in both layering and keeping it simple and checked trousers, either you prefer it flared or in a skinny edition, add some texture , paired with simple t-shirt and camel coat. Pairing the suit with trainers became the big trend, so if you prefer flats over heels, it’s not a problem anymore to add some sporty accent to ‘office’ look. Colorwise, sky is the limit!


Pencil skirt

Useful in the office, on the romantic day or casual drinks after work. Just like I mentioned above, checked pieces go really cute with sporty accents like trainers, but when it comes to pencil skirt, which can shorten silhouette a little bit, hoodie or sweatshirt with cute pumps and girly jewellery would be less ‘harmful’ option. ‘Blanket skirt’ is an amazing, daring variation, which caught my eyes sometime during the end of 2018. Paired with heeled sandals and flowy white shirt would look amazing!





Flanell shirt (extra rich in fabric and oversized as a dress or jacket – tripple YES!) is the first thing I imagine, when I think about checked blouse, but let’s not limit ourselves! There’s so many styles and shapes! And the statement puffy or extra wide sleeve is a total MUST! It can add something interesting to casual denim day or neony-yellow skirt mood.



Coat or/and Jacket

Checked coats and jacket are the symbol of winter. They are basic, but can be worn as the ‘main-player’. They are mega-classy, so can be styled in many ways, as  – with jeans or suit (also checked to add street vibe), jumper and skirt, with another classic – black dress or coctail pop-pink mini, with heels or flats, combined with other patterns like snake print, strips, polka dots or totally plain materials. Oversized or glove-fit, bright or dark, all up to your liking.


Look 8

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