February favorites

February was a month of surprisingly stressful ‘slow life’ moment to me. I listened to two amazing self help books, probably broke the World record of daily tea intake and spend way to much on Cult Beauty orders. Audiobooks, make-up, skincare and tea – find out my February favorites!

February Favorites Book 'Originals' by Adam Grant

If you ever wondered what links successful people, CEOs of the biggest companies, top creatives and athletes, how they manage stress, how they stay motivated and what’s the way to rise your kid (or future kid, or even re-parent yourself) to become one of Originals, it’s a total must read/listen to.

February Favorites - Self-improvement book '59 Seconds' by Richard Wiseman

Touching topics like relationships, parenting, motivation and many more, Richard Wiseman gives on-point, easy and simple (but easily forgettable) tips on how to maintain happy, fulfilling life.

I came to a big ‘discovery’ that my lips are getting very dry and uncomfortable for DAYS after using lipstick, but I was ignoring that until I came across this Lip Gloss, which is just perfect – plumping my lips, leaving them moisturized and not sticky at all! Now I need all the shades.

Biossance is definitely my favorite brand discovery in February! Vegan and cruelty free! I’ve added squalane + probiotic gel moisturizer and squalane + vitamin c rose oil to my daily morning skincare routine and I was super impressed by lightweight and express-absorbing power of these products!

February Favorites Organic Green tea Clipper

What’s really important about Clipper tea is that they don’t use bleached tea bags. It’s healthier, organic, zesty and aromatic and grown in a sustainable way. What do you want more from tea?

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