How to be more sustainable in era of hyper-consumerism?

I’m not going to share a magic solution, simply because I don’t feel super confident about my knowledge regarding this BIG PROBLEM, as there is so much to cover. There is only one reasons, why I chose this topic: I want the best possible future not only for me, but my love and future family. There’s never a bad moment, when it comes to the future of OUR Mother Planet.




To make a change, you don’t need to be extra-educated, have impressive bank account or invent something extraordinary. And moaning and complaining never changed anything – action does, as I’ve heard long time ago.

That’s why I decided to share my personal ways to stay sustainable. I chose fashion related examples, but these actions are flexible and can be adapted.

think before you buy

I mentioned it many times – if I’m not 100% I’m going to wear something for longer than 3 years, or if it’s going to be still in the good taste next year, I simply don’t buy it. Temptation is big, especially when you saw the 10th picture of top-influencer wearing that skirt on Instagram, but it’s not worth it, believe me – I ended up with that skirt worn once, thrown in the closets bottom.

quality over quantity

I’m a strong believer of quality, always. I also believe that if you spend more money on a product, you respect and care about it more. And I’m not thinking of the most expensive brands on market (yo, I’m on the budget as well!), but there are plenty ‘middle-shelf’ brands, and even a fast-fashion ones that offers amazing quality and originality. And having unhealthy amount of clothes, that are not a sparkle was and will never be my goal. Having amazing, original wardrobe, with timeless pieces, which I can expand wisely every year is.

questioning price

Why is a certain brand so cheap, while another one is asking 10x (or even more) for the same design? There are many reasons! And I don’t know which are worse – ones regarding breaking human rights, polluting environment, or stealing ideas? As much as my budget allows, I choose designs I’m 100% sure of!

plastic free life

I avoid plastic as much as possible! And not only on the grocery-plastic bag level! I switched my food containers to glass ones, I stopped buying plastic home accessories, bottles. Unfortunately, I still discover more and more products, especially fresh food, wrapped in unnecessary plastic bags.

as a costumer, you demand

There is no better way to change something, by letting the companies know what you want. You are not the fan of plastic wrapping products you order online or buy in store? Or you would like to get this t-shirt but made of more sustainable fabric, like hemp, rather than non-organic cotton? Share your opinion and let the producer know!

shop vintage

It’s just screaming ‘BENEFITS’! Vintage clothes are usually cheaper and more original! What is a chance of you spotting someone in the same dress you bought in your local second-hand store? Now ask the same question about dress bought on high street… Not to mention home decor treasures you can find!




Happy Earth Day!

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