My January shopping list

I want to start this year with concious choices. Looking at the shocking events, that accented 2020, I am definately opening my eyes for building my wardrobe basic but as well statement pieces more sustainable, timeless way.

Donations for Australia

Yes, it’s not a piece of clothing. But it’s better for the environment and for poor animals and people looking for shelter. Australia is struggling with 70m high fires, since the end of 2019 and the devastation is just heart-breaking. 1/3 of koala population is gone so far. Over 500 000 000 (!!!) animals are dead. Government tried to hide the fact for over 3 months, while a joke prime minister enjoyed his holiday in Hawaii. The budget for fighting the fires was also cut. People are told to stay on their backyards and fight for their lives. Every amount of money can help. I put saving for my dream pair of shoes aside. Future is more important to me. I choose 2 organizations, WIRES and NSW Rural Fire Service and donated already, but I will continue, until Australia and it’s creatures are safe and rebuilt.

Reformation Star Jean

reformation statement star jeans on model made of recycled and organic cotton and lyocell

Reformation is a LA based enviroment friendly brand, using recycled and eco-friendly materials to produce clothing. In description of every piece of clothing you can find out what materials were used and what impact does it have on Planet Earth.

Nurse Jamie UpLift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller

Nurse Jamie purple face roller with tourmaline crystal

I’m all about skin care, especially after starting to notice results lately. And I’m all about crystals as well and this face massager is encrusted with 24 stones containing tourmaline quartz, known for its purifying properties but also absorbing the electromagnetic radiation!

BEVZA Neoprene sock boots

Bevza square toe sock boots in black

BEVZA is an independent Ukrainian brand which I admire for a long time. Their designs are timeless, classic but meaningful at the same time, which is hard to compromise for some. These sock boots will work with every outfit (even track suit if you’re stubborn) and are a definite investment for seasons, if not for life.

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