My top 5 wish-list positions I want to invest in

Nothing feels better than a good pieces that serves you a lot of looks. I’m a big fan of investing in pieces that you know, you will love for more than two seasons, specially while we are in moment of countless trends.

Disclaimer: My list of things I would like to have is long, and most of it is high-end, but I’m fully aware that purchasing them will not fulfill me and I’m not connecting it with my personal life goals or/and self-esteem. I just wanted to share my 5 top wish-list positions that I want to invest in as an inspiration, not something you or I need to have. More important is that your impact on yourself and others is positive 🙂


5. Jewellery

I’m not specific at this point, because there’s so many pieces, that speak to me. I feel like good jewellery is one of the best decisions, while investing. And even if the marketing price was not growing (highly uncommon), it still can be a thing for future generations to inherit.

4. For Love and Lemons Dress

This amazing brand co-funded by BFFs Gillian Rose Kern and Laura Hall brings amazing pieces every season, and I’m more and more obsessed, especially with these girly lace midi dresses. Can’t wait for wedding season!


3. Max Mara Viadana belted camel hair coat


This is one of the most expensive pieces on my wish list. And most iconic. A good coat is such a must have, and this one was perfected in many years and seems like a dream.

2.A pair ofManolo Blahnic


I’m just crazy about them! You can pair them with literally everything – from mini to maxi dress/skirt, from ripped jeans to tailored trousers – these pumps work with every outfits so good! You can also choose from variety of colors, and I’m still between black and red.


1.Chloé Faye medium glossed-leather shoulder bag

She’s on my list since I’ve started to be more interested in fashion, and that’s the one I mentioned in my ‘Talking Budget’ post. I could not stress enough how I love Chloé’s empowering spirit and vision of modern women.

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  1. I really love your approach about having things you wish, knowing that they won’t fulfill you. Keep it up girl! Quality work 😉

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