Outfit Ideas – Wedding Guest Edition

Wedding season officially started! And as much as it should be an exciting event as much for newlyweds as for guests, where the love is celebrated to its most, it can be quite confusing in regards to outfits – most of them are simply boring and it may feel restricted.

Well… not for me! And I’m here to help you!

wrap it around!

Wrap dress (ideally with a little bit of twist) is perfect for only family or mostly family summer weddings – in that situation you may want to remember to pay respect to older family members. You may think that is a boring solution for wedding outfit, but pairing it with bright, colorful accessories will do the magic!

*Although the tradition of guests not wearing white or black is slowly disappearing,  if you wish to wear white or black, you could ask the Bride to be extremely honest with you and if she wouldn’t mind.



m i n i with taste

If you are invited for church ceremony and fancy dinner, it’s not a good option for you. But… when it comes to civil marriage ceremony and drinks afterwards situation, mini dress will be IDEAL! Well… there is difference in party-mini, which can be quite vulgar, and mini with taste. Choose the loose fit one, with statement touch like cute frills or puffed sleeves  or even an extravagant décolletage details (but avoid ‘too much skin-revealing’ type of neckline).

* Remember to choose dance floor friendly lenght and style!



volume up!

If you are 100% sure that the Bride will be extra-extra with her gown choice, it gives you permission to go a little bit extra yourself, as it will be a big challenge to outshine the Bride. Frills, lace details, flower-prints, whatever you like! Just avoid all-white looks – unless all-white is requited for everyone!



casual type

Few closest friends and family members wedding is a perfect event to wear a nice knee-length skirt and oversized blouse. It may seem office inspired, but if you stay aways from white/grey/black and focus on interesting color combination, you will create a cute, classic look ideal for small celebration.

*Statement accessories are the key!



ditch the dress!

Jumpsuit is a cute solution for dress-haters (or simply fed-up with cocktail dresses). It will be appropriate for ANY occasion, so you can treat it as a long-use investment, not ‘one-night-only’ kind of look. A tailored, suit-inspired jumpsuit will be a definite eye-catching guest look, especially when styled with extra-feminine accessories!



suit up!

Suit, just like a jumpsuit, is another, any-type-of-wedding friendly interesting alternative to dress, which is chic, classy and can be worn on different occasions. And just like any other masculine look – paired with high heels, cute clutch bag and extra-girly jewellery, it creates interesting contrast worth trying!



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