Decorating your house can be overwhelming sometimes. Just like in fashion, interior design world has many trends that come and go and it’s really hard to keep up with all of them. Not to mention finding budget, that would cover all the assortment and work.

My best advise, when it comes to interior designing, would be: FOCUS ON DETAILS. Painting the walls every 6 months, because deep navy is not ‘in’ anymore, and now it’s all about bottle-green wouldn’t be the sign of wisdom. But adding some pillows, blankets or even paintings, if you are so into ‘the newest color of season’ is not a bad idea (and is wallet friendly). It’s also a great idea for present!

This time I thought: PINK! When thinking about adding some color to your surroundings, nothing is better, than pink. Cool and pastel tones of pink, for those who like more of ‘toned’ colors or don’t like distraction, or crazy neony pinks for those, who on the other hand love a bit of craziness in their home.

Cire trudon Netaporter


Candles are the perfect option as a present (and as a present for yourself). Who doesn’t love a good candle? Those with interesting packaging are a good first step to add some color to your bedroom, living room or working space. And when it’s burnt, it can be used as a make-up brushes holder.

Cire Trudon Abd El Kader scented candle,
£78 Net-A-Porter





Throws, blankets, bedspreads, duvet covers and pillows are another simple and effective step to add some pink to your surroundings. And in my opinion there is never enough blankets you can have. Even the most boring and bleary couch  would look good with one of these amazing blankets on.

Anthropologie Janet Throw, £118 at John Lewis,

Designer's Guild Sunflower Throw, Multi





Designer’s Guild Sunflower Throw,£225 at John Lewis.





John Lewis & Partners Meghan Fluted Back Velvet Armchair, Dark Leg, Aquaclean Harriet RosePols Potten Oily Folds Vase, Medium







If pink (or any other color you find pleasing) is ‘the one’, investing some money in a good piece of furniture seems like a good idea. One solid, contrasting piece like sofa or airmchair, makes a perfect statement for monochromic interiors.

John Lewis & Partners Meghan Fluted Back Velver Airmchair, £749.00 at John Lewis.




Vase is another perfect present, and my little obsession lately. Just like blankets, I find that there is no amount of vases that could be enough. It adds character to the interior and can be used in varieties – to hold beautiful flowers you get from some special men, as a table decoration during fancy dinner or even as a coin piggy bank (or notes, if it was an ugly vase and you need a reason to break it).

Pols Potten Oily Folds Vase, Medium £58 at John Lewis.


I’m not going to lie – I would enjoy this outfit more during early spring/fall sunny coffee sundays, but still, freezing my ass off was worth it!


This coat from H&M is my new obsession! I styled it with my boyfriends smart shirt, a black hat (not the greatest idea of mine during these windy days!) and simple black Lee Jeans and boots.














Most of trends and inspiration comes from street style, and I, as probably many of you, get mostly inspired, by scrolling down the Pinterest and Instagram. As rainy and short days are ahead of us, coats and jacket looks are bombarding feeds on social media, I have decided to share the outfits that inspire me the most:

Look 1

Extra long trench and cute accessories. Sock+loafers may be to extravagant for some, but it’s amazing solution for flat shoe lovers during ‘close to 0’ temperatures.

Look 2

Another extra long trench, this time with more ‘cooled down’ accessories. Retro sunglasses and jeans paired with boots brings parisian vibes.

Look 3

Very simple trench with cross body bag. In this look it’s all about shoes and tailored trousers combo!

Look 5

I love simple solutions – extra glam heels and very sporty jacket is essention of steet style.

Look 6

Ivory, simple base contrasting with ‘ugly shoes‘ and overscaled shearling jacket in ivory and mustard. And badass sunglasses.

Look 8

Excellent accessories game! Very simple plaid coat spiced up with feather-detailed pumps and extravagant metallic bag.

Look 9

Simple and beautiful. Long, deep khaki coat, simple base and contrasting caramel long boots.


Photos: Pinterest