A good blazer is women’s best friend. And a must have in her wardrobe – especially when the colder months are coming (or already here!)! It’s a perfect item to help you easily sneak some of your summer essentials into autumn (check here), keeps you warm and boosts your confidence. And it’s a key ingredient for amazing street style looks!

How to style blazer, regarding to occasion (except the obvious suit and heels)?

1.Jeans + flats.

It’s a perfect solution for casual meeting with your friends or date (sneakers) after a business meeting (ballet or boots) not requiring strict dress code.


2.Dress + Heels!

Matching masculine blazer with delicate, lace tops or dresses makes a big statement and is an ideal solution for chilly nights out or events! If your blazer and dress is more on classic side of your wardrobe, you have a chance to go crazy with your shoes or bag!


3.Blazer as a dress!

It’s quite controversial solution, as usually blazers are more of the hip-length rather than thigh-length, but if you are the brave one, and in possession of perfect length blazer, feel free to try it! It’s a very easy, effortless one-piece solution for night or date outfits. If your blazer is loose fit, try this look with wide waist belt, or belt bag.


4.Rollneck + boots!

Layering is a key during winter. A good classic rollneck or turtleneck and blazer will make you look like a powerful Parisian street-styler during time, when temperature goes below ZERO.


5.Top + Skinny Jeans + High Heels!

Another outfit fitting perfectly into night out and date outfit. Top can be anything you already have and enjoy wearing – from sexy satin and lace top to leather bralet, from basic white t-shirt to your favourite band vintage top (personally my favourite), especially with high heels, which will create that edgy, cool look.


What is your perfect blazer outfit? Is it the one from above or totally different idea? Let me know in the comment section!

Love, A x

Fall Equinox is just in one day (September 22nd), and although Fashion World is way ahead in trends preparing for Spring/Summer 2019, we need to be a little bit more practical and realistic, when it comes to our wardrobe, as temperature is going down really quickly!

There’s probably a lot of pieces, that you spent money on this summer season, but you could still style them pretty easily during Fall and Winter, and I’m here to help you out!

Heres my TOP 5 Pieces that will help you to adapt to colder seasons:


Every women’s must have! I’m a big fan of investing in a good coat in classic color. Not only a flattering cut (I think wrap coat is a save hit for every silhouette) will boost your confidence, but that investment could last you not only few seasons, but a lifetime! Coat is a piece in your wardrobe, which is not only for one or two occasions, so spending some money on good quality once, could save you some coins in long period.






Oversized blazers have been an important piece of wardrobe for few seasons now, and it looks like they’re still ruling the street style and runways regardless of season. Any feminine summer dress (from mini to maxi, from floral to plain) or skinny jeans with oversized, masculine blazer will make a big statement.




Just like oversized blazer – you can easily transform your summer outfit in autumn appropriate, by changing sandals to boots.




A good pair of jeans always helps to put the look together. If you already have one (or more!) in your wardrobe, just add cropped or ruffled top, oversized blazer, and statement boots.  Tip: Flares are back and stronger than ever!


5. Knitwear

Sweaters are essential in winter – they keep you warm in cold weather and are perfect step of layering (even better with coat or blazer on top). Chunky, heavy sweaters are perfect with flowy dresses or folded skirts.IMG_6286.JPG


These 5 wardrobe pieces are perfect, not only to change your summer wardrobe to more weather-appropriate, but are great as matched together as well.

Let me know in the comments, what is your perfect tip or hack to transit your wardrobe from S/S to F/W?