Cowboy boots are a big statement and one of the biggest trends, seen mostly on the streets during fashion week events. Beloved by designers, editors and bloggers, they are a perfect statement piece breaking down the girly dresses as a strong, musculine accent. So… as a practical freak loving to make use of ANY piece during ANY season of year, I decided to egzamine the ways to style cowboy boots during heatwaves.

sporty chic

Street style is all about experimenting, mixing and ‘daring’ with unconventional choises – and nothing will be more eye-catching than pair of heeled cowboy boots styled with extra-oversized boyfriend style hoodie and biker shorts.

total white

100% white is a big trend at the moment and will work perfectly with any cowboy boots – from heeled to flat, from colorful, neon or black to white. Either a shirt dress, or all white denim shorts + t-shirt, or maxi lace dress – you definately need to try it with your favorite cowboy shoes!

mini minimalism

Minimalistic mini dress is a perferct basic piece that can be up or down dressed. Cowboy boots will be a perfec contrast for it and this mach will definately catch some looks on the streets.

maxi with a twist

The rule for maxi dress is simple when it comes to style it with cowboy shoes – more girly is better! Choose laces, flowy and romantic fabric to maximize the contrast.

all black

Total black outfits are just as amazing as all white ones during summer. Pick your shortest black shorts and pair them with monochromic or colorful cowboy shoes to run the streets during casual meetings or shopping days!

gym girl

If you love to ‘surprise’ your friends with the fashion choices, you need to try a simple yet shocking combo – midi dress, your sporty t-shirt, and our beloved cowboy boots!

I don’t want to be the kind of person who complaints about cold weather in June, but if you live in England, you will know my pain. Unfortunately weather can not be planned, but outfits can, so here are my top 8 outfits from Pinterest that will help you adapt to foggy days and brighten up streets with vibrant colors and interesting shapes!

Strappy sandals are a big HIT this season. You can find them absolutely everywhere – starting from beloved and inspiring Street Style, to office power looks, to weddings and smart events, to casual everyday outfits. They are very easy to style and you probably have all the needed pieces in your wardrobe! When it comes to strappy sandals, satin slip dress is just one of many combinations that you can choose, that is classic and strongly 90s’ inspired, but may be boring after so many pictures already seen on Internet.

jumper + straight leg trousers

It’s the perfect and easy way to dress during chilly afternoon tea (or drinks) and still impress. You can choose jeans, linen or tailored trousers and go crazy with patterned jumper. Layer it up with boyfriend style blazer or… another jumper (like on picture) and pick your favorite tote bag or clutch.

boiler suit

Boiler suit is a very masculine piece and even stronger statement. Dressing it up with amazing, girly heeled sandals and cute bag is something you need to try!


A good pair of skinny jeans, white top and blazer in neural shade is something every woman should have in her wardrobe. This amazing combo and strappy sandals is a perfect solution for casual date outfit! Statement earrings or sunglasses and you are ready to go!


Oversized shirt or jacket is my forever to-go when it comes to chic looks. Nothing looks sexier that woman in mens clothes and extra feminine strappy sandals and chunky jewellery.

school girl

Nothing looks more interesting than strappy sandals paired with blazer dress and… cute sheer neon socks! Don’t forget about tiny sunglasses and you are ready to steal some attention.


Mini denim skirts are, as always, big during summer time. Try your favorite one with sporty top or hoodie and strappy sandals this season!