Spring has a big role in my life – I was born in Spring and every year I can’t wait till the end of March! Although  I’m not in stage where I want to get older anymore, and sometimes reality hits me hard when someone asks me about my age, Spring brings me an inexplicable feeling of joy and new beginnings, and I know I’m not the only one (probably because people used to celebrate New Year during Spring way back before Christianity kicked (aggressively) in and we have it in gens).

Anyways, with New beginnings comes new inspirations, and we going to focus on these straight out from Runways!

IMG_5576Oversized Trench Coat from &Other Stories

If you don’t have trench coat in your collection, you definitely need to get one – it’s going to serve you ages, as it never goes out of style, makes ANY outfit look ‘put together’ and you can literally wear it every day – with everything from cocktail dresses, to classic denim and t-shirt day, to after gym throw on. Total beige looks are prognozed to be a BIG trend and trench coat is essential in creating them! I choose the one from &Other Stories, because it’s extra affordable regarding it’s amazing quality, and for its oversized hourglass shape , which gives you that extra dramatic vibe during casual days!




Stella McCartney Square-frame acetate sunglasses

Big sunglasses are officially back! This time we are taking inspiration from ’70s, so either dig in your parents wardrobe for some vintage pieces, or get the ones from Stella McCartney! Why the ones from Stella? These sunglasses are made of recycled plastic and come with vegan leather case, so if you care about our planet and animals (if not, you should start), these babies are just made for you!



1Maria La Rosa Striped cotton-blend socks

These are an amazing idea for extra affordable yet luxurious present or well deserved treat for yourself. I love the contrasting shades situation and a smart sneak-in of this seasons most famous neon-green, so if it’s not the color that compliments you, or you just can’t cotton on to neon-green, this is the way to try it!





Ksubi straight-leg white jeans

Nothing feels better than a good pair of denim jeans on! I was never quite convinced to white jeans, but I have changed my mind when I saw these Ksubi jeans! I want to invest in good quality pieces (as I mentioned in My 5 New Year resolutions – fashion edition!), and these are on my list! I already see them with my oversized trench coat and ’70s sunglasses!




91st Academy Awards brought many surprises during ceremony – Green Book won the Best Picture, beating Bohemian Rhapsody and Black Panther. Alfonso Cuarona went home with gold statuette for the movie Roma, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga performed on the stage, leaving everyone speechless (and I can’t decide what shook more their quite intimate performance or un bothered Irina Shayk).

Oscars night is not only a celebration of amazing cinematography creations, but night marked as the most glamorous in Hollywood. Surprisingly, this year the shining stars were actually taking a risk and serving looks worth remembering!

♥ Emilia Clarke wearing custom Balmain:


I do actually love this look – it’s simple and glamorous and I don’t mind not taking much risk in this situation – Emilia looks like Hollywood doll from ’60s and beautiful, classic make up and hair was a good choise! The pale pink sparkling fabric works perfectly with her skin tone and the décolletage work is done in a very ‘red carpet’ vibe! I may be a little bit disappointed that Mother of Dragons didn’t appear in blonde, but it’s still a good 8/10!


♥/⊗ Lady Gaga wearing custom Alexander McQueen:


Lady Gaga choose the necklace with the diamond last worn by the british ICON Audrey Hepburn, also accepting it by taking inspiration from Audrey, by wearing her iconic hairstyle. I do appreciate the trying, but it’s a big no-no for me, when it comes to that dress. I love the gloves situation, and classic top with exaggerated hip area, but the skirt hits the silhouette in the worst possible place. Although I love the top of this look, I think  hollow in mermaid style would look much better.


⊗ Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton:


Emma Stone, as Vuitton s ambassador, served many red carpet looks, representing yet another disaster. Shape of this dress is not doing her good, and the pattern… NO. Just NO. Someone please tell Emma, that skipping the red carpet part is a good option sometimes.


♥ Regina King wearing Oscar de la Renta:


Appearing at Oscars wearing Oscar and winning Oscar! This is everything I need from red carpet looks – you don’t have to take a risk ALWAYS, sometimes the simpler the better, and this is the PERFECT example of a classic, timeless beauty! I love how the ‘cage’ hips shapes the silhouette and creates the hourglass shape (similar to Gagas but more subtle). Loose, short locks are adding young, romantic freshness to that look, which is just ideal! Strong 9/10!


⊗⊗⊗ Marina De Tarvira wearing J.Mendel:


No, NO and NO! Tuille should be banned from any red carpet. And the bust situation is just extremely unFLATtering*.

*not trying to shame, just acknowledging that some ‘solutions’ creates the vision of flat area.


♥ Awkwafina wearing Dsquared2:


2018 was a year of a power suit and I LOVE THIS LOOK! Although the leg situation is odd-looking (may be only the photo), I love the fabric, I love the covered shoes situation and I love the bow shirt underneath. Risk was took and appreciated!


♥♥♥ Stephan James wearing custom Etro:


I find it very difficult for men to find the red carpet look that stands out, as the suit dress code does not give much that we can do, but Stephan James in custom Etro is just amazing! Love the 3-piece suit in rust. I can’t say if its corduroy or velvet, but either way I love it! And let’s not forget about the white boot – 9/10!


⊗ Jennifer Lopez wearing Tom Ford:


No risk taken. It looks OKAY, and… boring! I would really appreciate something that does say something different from I AM JENNIFER LOPEZ, maybe the big, classic gown, or something extra haute couture avantgarde. Something, ANYTHING, what is not expected from her. Not much to comment there.


♥♥♥ Linda Cardellini wearing Schaparelli:


YES, YES and YES. Forget what I said about tuille before! My favorite look served! This fairy-tale dress does not need any distraction, as it’s one big distraction (in a very positive way), and I’m very glad that none of the jewellery were styled with that beauty (yes, I’m personalizing dress). Dress, although made of a pile of tuille, have a beautiful shape. Simple, yet romantic wavy bun makes everything even better! And let’s focus on black, classic pumps, which looks velvety, if I’m not wrong. These are an amazing contrast to romantic fuchsia gown!


♥♥ Amy Adams wearing custom Versace:


I am shook! I’m not a big fan of Donatella’s Versace, but this is just a masterpiece! The top of the dress fits glove-perfectly to Amy’s body, the zig-zag situation is also a very pleasant surprise that I haven’t seen on red carpet ever before! Romantic waves just put everything together in a Hollywood glam style! Well done!


⊗⊗⊗ Rachel Weish in Givenchy couture:


It was one of my favorite looks at Givenchy Couture show, but… it doesn’t serve Rachel no good. I do really appreciate risk and  The shoulders give her silhouette illusion of tiredness and the hips look oddly, unnaturally massive. And the ‘wedding’ hair crown… Who did come up with this idea? And…Why?


⊗⊗ Angela Bassett in Reem Acra:


I wanted to love this look simply because I love Angela as an actress, but… just NO. Color works beautifully with her skin, and that’s the only good thing I can write about it. The thigh area is clearly too tight for her. And I don’t know if that’s the angle, or just me… but the bust cups looks uneven. Sleek, middle parted pony tail and smoky, glam make up on the other hand… EXCELLENT!


♥ Jennifer Hudson wearing Elie Saab:


I was shook. Positively! She looks amazing! Most of her previous red carpet looks were a total disaster.  Now, her look gives me Spanish night vibes and I’m not sure if that’s because of rich red and middle parted hair with long earings, but I love it! I adore the ruffle wandering from her décolletage to hips – it serves her well! And the gold heeled sandals – I have crush on them, especially on the red carpet! It’s a big cliché and I live for this! The long sleeve is not so great, and I would prefer if it wasn’t there, but I will take that.


♥♥♥♥ Billy Porter in Christian Siriano:


Billi Porter left Oscars, winning everything, and leaving everyone jaw-dropped! I wouldn’t dare to say it better, so I will just quote Billy Porter:

‘My goal is to be a walking piece of political art every time I show up. To challenge expectations. What is masculinity? What does that mean? Women show up every day in pants, but the minute a man wears a dress, the seas part.’

I love wearing mens clothes and I can’t even imagine someone judging me and my femininity by that fact. And it works both ways! Everyone should have freedom of expressing themselves the way they feel comfortable with and there is no better way to demand it than by showing up on red carpet during the most glamorous night of the year in strongly political statement look! 10/10!