They had their big moment back in ’00s, when I was a kid, and they reached only the kids fashion section (or I was too busy climbing trees and fighting with playground buddies to notice adults wearing them – yep… I was quite tomboy back then and fashion was something I was NOT interested in). Hair clips, pins, hair grips  – they came back stronger than ever, taking over runways, Instagrammers and blogger feed, Pinterest and streets.

The difference now is the variety. There are so many different hair accessories, that will hit the right costumer in their needs, starting from minimalistic golden barrete hair grips, that looks amazing in one-side-sleek hair (’80s inspired), or dreamy, romantic hair clips, looking amazing on the date night, or put all over your hair to add extra drama to your faux fur look.

Doesn’t matter if your hair is curly, straight, long or short, if you like wear your hair up or loose – you can still add a little bit of sparkle to your outfit! You can get budget-friendly (and pretty good quality) options on ASOS, or go totally crazy and invest in jewellery (master)pieces!





Pearls are a BIG THING, and still making their way into spring unmercifully. They are presenting themselves perfectly with the ‘all in’, Michelle Pfeiffer inspired looks, but in my opinion the most impressive way to wear pearl clips is with boyfriend style suit or with classic blue shirt + mum jeans, which allows them to play the first role (especially if there is more than just one hair clip/pin in your hair!).




Make a statement with your hair clip and choose the one that is extra oversized or… speaks your mind! Again – I would style them into my oversized suit look or really basic white t-shirt and ripped jeans look, just to add a little bit of unexpected to very expected outcome. These add quite strong accent to your look, but I really love seeing statement hair clips in ‘risky’ outfits, like: crazy pink checked midi skirt, neon pink turtle neck and red kitten heels look, plus extra cute mini bag (just not on me).



More is more.

This is the perfect way to check if hair accessories are right for you – all you need is two pack of 20-piece pack (extra cheap, available in almost every store) of classic barrete hair grips and… put them all in your hair. And here starts the fun – your creativity is the limit . You can create amazing shapes and constructions on your hair and get inspired by searching on the Internet. Plus barrgete hair grip is the kind of thing that always gets lost, so even if you will end up not liking this look, you will at least end up having a few weeks supply of them.



Knee-length and thigh-length boots are must-have shoes in every fashion lovers wardrobe – they are a  big statement accessory, which never goes out of style and comes back during cold seasons stronger every year. If you are yet starting building your wardrobe, I would strongly suggest to focus your interest in a good, ‘classic pair of black high-heeled knee-length boots, as they are going to serve you well with many outfits for long time. If you already have them in your collection, go crazy and cross your comfort zone with pair of ‘unexpected’ lacquered or metallic beauties in eye-catching color.

Styling these shoes can be either really easy or a serious pain, but if you want to achieve this perfect Street-Style look, I have some tips that could help. I would definitely recommend staying away from ‘classic’ knee-length boots + black mini dress… So how to upgrade your outfit?

Cow-boy Girl

Cowboy boots took Fall-Winter 2018 Season by storm and seem to be making their way into Spring 2019 Season. You can find them in any color, classic style a nd more moderated. They are a very heavy, masculine accent, so styling them with  flowy, flowery wrap dresses and pleated midis is a perfect way to create Street Style look.



The Main Role Player

Make your  boots stand out and be visible. Choose these made of unconventional, eye-catching fabrics like lacquered purple thigh-length boots or wide-upper style boots. Styling ‘the crazy’ boots with something very classic and basic, like blazer  or shirt dress or cream trench and spaghetti strap midi dress will create desirable contrast and will make your boots stand out. Add some statement earings and you ready to rock these streets!


(After) Office Hours

Heeled tight-length boots never looked better with pencil knee-length and belted blazer. It’s the perfect solution for after job drinks or date, especially while temperature goes way to close to 0. Personal accessories like your favorite cool ’70s hippie sunglasses or a massive tote bag will help you forget about a long day at work (or distract your friends from your complaining).



The wider the better!

Wide cropped leg trousers were IT wardrobe piece during summer… Well I need to disagree, as girls are still rocking them on the streets during winter, this time in company of boots. This creates unusual combo, just like pencil skirt – thigh-length boots situation, which is necessary, if you want to get that Street Style look.




The layering is essential during Fall/Winter seasons, and the big plus is, that you can use your wardrobe from all year around.  Sumer dress and chunky cardigan belted around your waist with bucket bag for romantic movie night.  White oversized shirt with puffy sleeves and A-line plaid midi with long grey coat for business meeting. One piece is consistent in these looks – leather knee-high boots.



Next-door girl

Simple solutions brings the best results, when it comes to Street Style fashion. Messy hair, t-shirt with favorite movie or band logo + midi skirt and leather or cotton coat and you are there! Don’t forget about personal touch in details like earings, favorite lipstic lucky  necklace.