Selfies with face masks on, instagram posts capturing the cover of favorite book or instastories taken on the weekend hike – we’ve all either seen #selfcaresunday, touched this topic with friends or came across the interview with influencer sharing his or hers tips on self-care routines.

Self-care routine plays very important role in my life – it helps me with creating space for myself and allows to de-attach from my work and personal problems. It doesn’t make them dissapear, but helps to take a break, look from different perspective and come at them 5 times stronger and more focused.

I’ve been thinking about self-care and its stigmas, which I, myself had, and decided to share my opinion on this as well as the self-care routine I’ve been unconsciously practicing since I remember (and it wasn’t that cool back then).

Self-care is a trend.

Well… Yes, it is. And as much as I love the fact that something that has a significant and great impact in our life, I’m sometimes overwhelmed with some kind of a race and pressure for longer and more luxurious and complexed self-care routines.

You need x amount of time a week for your self-care.

I never liked rules. Especially when it comes to something so personal, like self-care. I came across few comments like ‘I don’t have time for that!’, ‘It’s time consuming!’ or ‘I have work and family to take care of!’ and I’m not surprised. I don’t have time to take 30 minutes long baths, go for massages and yoga and read a book in silence 3 times a week. But I can dedicate 10 minutes of my TV time to meditate every day, or wake up 10 minutes earlier to actually make my tea just the way I love and contemplate about 5 things I’m grateful for while enjoying it without rushing through the morning.

You need to spend money on self-care.

You DO NOT need a £200 massage, nor £30 manicure. It’s okay if you want to and have money to spend on that. Self-care can cost as much as a price for the journal and a pen or a box of organic green tea once per month or a bag of espom salt for your bath (skip the rose petals if you don’t want to end up cleaning your bath tube for another 30 minutes). Breathing, walking, talking with your friend, meditating and many more is for free. All you need is time and effort.

What’s my self-care routine?

It’s very simple! I take crystals and dead sea salt or espom salt baths for 30 minutes once a week and journal or read while taking them (multitasking is my key for EVERYTHING). I try to put more attention to my skin on Saturdays and do masks. I also started to listen to myself more by doing check-ups with my feelings few times a day and in the future I would like to add meditation for 10 minutes a day to my routine.

What is your self-care routine? Share in the comment section!

Love, A

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