The last show created by Karl Lagerferd, who passed away on February 19th, started by 1 minute of silence in memory of him, his massive impact on the fashion industry, his brilliant ‘assaults‘ and his genius (unfortunately some people could not resist themselves from recording it with their mobile phone devices…).

Cara Delavigne opened the winter wonderland show and Penelope Cruz made her debut on the runway, in total white, angelic look, holding white rose in honor of Karl. Show finale with all of the models, walking in the rhythm of Heroes by Bowie, was just breath-taking.

Show was filled up with mono-color looks, but spiced up with combination of different kinds of check pattern, traditionally for Chanel, in tweed. I was amazed by details like jewellery and matching outfits hats and bags, lining of coats in patterns like check, zigzags. although runway was dominated by neutrals and whites, we could spot total looks in strong turquoise, pink or red.



Chanel announced the end of fur and exotic skin, which makes it the first luxury fashion house in the world to do that!ย Chanel is also one of the first fashion companies, which presented us the close-up to Fall trends a year in advance. The show took place in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York just few hours ago. Karl Lagerfeld as a creative director took inspiration from Antient Egypt (10 BC Temple of Dendur setting as the backdrop!) and New York itself, keeping the of the iconic tweed fashion giant.

We can spot slim, ivory dresses layered with overscaled jackets, amazing jewellery and metallic accessories (especially hats!). Althrought most of the looks were soaking in sandy golds, we can spot a touch of color – Nile River blue and sunny oranges. It was also an amazing surprise to see Pharrell Williams debuting in total gold look on runway!