Suit is a big statement in womens wardrobe. It has a great meaning in woman history and fashion and now represents power, confidence and pride in our every day style.

During last couple of years it slowly evolved, from strictly office enviroment to streets, thanks to editorials, Street Style Bloggers and runways. Typical white-collar suit became a perfect non-standardized piece in womans wardrobe all around the world.

So, how to transfer your work uniform into a casual and effortless look?

sweater weather

fashion blogger crossing zebra pass wearing checked suit and red cat-eye sunglasses

Styling your checked suit with bright turtle neck and chunky flat boots is a perfect way to start your Fall season. Don’t forget about micro shoulder bag, which is a MUST this season and funky tiny sunnies!

parisian vibes

Fashion blogger posing in front of the cars wearing checked grey suit, beret and white classic convers trainers

If you’re a big fan ogf parisian street style, you need to try pairing your favorite suit with beret and oversized sunglasses. Leave your high heels in the office and swich them to more comfortable convers!

sporty chic

Blogger walking on the street weating velver red suit, white crop top and bag, black baseball cap and sneakers.

Meeting with friends after hitting a gym? Style your power-suit with sneakers and crop top. To elevate the look, choose cute, girly bag in contrasting color, and you are ready to rock!

Padded jacket can be quite difficult to style – it screams ‘ATHLETIC!’ and will always look on point with pair of jeans or tracksuit and sneakers. It’s perfect for hard weather condition, which is close to happen, that’s why I think it’s the perfect moment to focus on sporty padded jacket. It can be a perfect street style tool to make a statement to! So… How to dress padded jacket up, so you look chic and freez-resistant?

total black

model walking on the street wearing total black look with puffed padded jacket and skinny black jeans

Total black looks are definately ones that I come back to almost every time I lack ideas for outfit – they are unfailing, powerful and don’t only look effortless but actually are quick and simple. Pair your padded jacket with slim black jeans or plazzo trousers, black jumper or t-shirt, and high heeled boots to create an interesting elevation for sporty jacket.

get cozy

Asian street style blogger wearing long padded jacket and double color scarf

Padded jackets are perfect for low temeratures, but sometimes even these need a little bit of help during particulary chilly days. That’s when a chunky scarfs and military boots come into game! Loop it around your neck in interesting knot and finish your look with bag in bright color!

proportion game

Fashion blogger styling padded jacket with oversized jeans and sock style boots

Padded jackets are extremaly comfortable thanks to their XL fit. Play with the proportions and style them with obersized washed-denim jeans, contrasting boots and oversized clutch.

volume up

model standing on the street wearing pink padded cropped jacket and yellow skirt and boots

Styling contrasting pieces is a perfect statement and recipe to achieve Instagram-worthy #StreetStyleLook. Extremaly girly and flowy maxi skirt will work perfect with padded jacket. What’s extra cool about this look is also matching colors of skirt and boots! Double yes!

cowboy way

model walking on the rainy street wearing padded blue jacket, glossy leather pencil skirt and cowboy knee lenght black boots

When it comes to mixing styles,nothing will be more contrasting that leather knee lenght cowboy boots, pencil skirt and… padded jacket! Don’t be afraid to add another sporty accent – oversized hoodie or baseball cap (preferably with your favorite baseball team)!

Cardigan has had its big moment since last Summer, when models and fashion bloggers started adjusting this big Fall trend to warmer temperatures.

This time it’s all about XS version and one button-up! Wear it as a top and layer it up with caramel coat or oversized blazer and don’t be afraid to choose brigt colors, like top-model Bella Hadid or stylist and fashion blogger Emili Sindlev. Want to level it up? Nothing will be more jaw dropping than matching your bra to cardigan and unbutton it, just like Katie Holmes did!

Bella Hadid wearing yellow cardigan and vintage style sunglasses leaving hotel

Katie Holmes in matching unbuttoned cardigan and bra

Hailey Bieber wearing chunky orange cardigan walking on the street

Emili  Sindlev posing to the photo wearing bright green cardigan with black buttons and orange silky slip dress