As I always stress out (and probably need to stop at one point), accessories are the key when it comes to building your personal style. Even the most ‘boring’ look can be turned in extravagant and remarkable with not more but… shoes!

I picked 7 options that will make it easier to build an extraordinary outfits.




Saint Laurent Nu Pieds slides

These classic beauties are the perfect finish for any summer-in-the-city look – from jeans and tank top, to extra volumized shirt-dress outfit. Square-toe shape gives them cool vintage vibe which will look amazing either on vacation on the beach or city break in Paris, Available in many colors which will work perfectly with neutral and all white looks. The croc-effect is  my favorite option that landed on my ‘to invest in’ list!






Balenciaga Knife logo-print satin mules

Kitten heels returned stronger than ever! Comfortable and extravagant. These will look amazing and will work dramatic magic with a classic jeans and white shirt look as well as a total denim outfit or satin slip dress. These shoes will look incredible both with day and night looks!









Aquazurra Mescal 50 suede sandals

These sandals will be perfect compliment to your summer tan. Paired with utility-style shorts or white cotton dress will look just amazig! What I love in them the most is the square heel and cute tassel situation which will work wonders during summer walks and danced nights. Plus the perfect caramel shade – you need to try it out with neon pedicure!








Prada 85 suede slingback sandals

80’s inspired strap sandals took street style by storm last winter and are still growing stronger! These Prada beauties will be perfect to add a romantic touch to any kind of outfit and are definately the safest when it comes to investing – classic, elegant and never out of style! You need to try them with denim mini-skirt and oversized boyfriend-style jacket – perfect way to dress for a first date . Or the 100th one.








Adidas Originals Nite Jogger ripstop sneakers

When it comes to sneakers there’s one rule – there’s never enough of them. They are comfortable, much-needed during busy days and always look cute with jeans and simple t-shirt or utility-style jumpsuit. What I love about these Adidas Originals sneakers is the neon  touches and cute lacing.










See By Chloé Tina studded suede mules

These mules will always look perfect, adding bohemian vibe to any casual look – from skinny jeans to extra-flared bottoms, from sundress to flowery romantic maxi. Amazing thing about mule shoes is that they are always so comfortable and extra-easy to style, adding an interesting vintage touch to your looks.








Proenza Shouler Ruffled glossed-leather pumps

These cherry lacquered pumps will be perfect addition to your shoe collection for many reasons. They are classic yet extraordinary thanks to their curved heels and perfectly pointed toe. I can only imagine how perfect they will look with mega-minimalistic party looks, tailored suits or casual denim looks.  These babes are definitely on top on my ‘to invest in’ list!


Spring has had always been considered as my personal New Year, especially my birthday month, beloved April. Blooming flowers and trees and waking up nature have a very special meaning to me, as they symbol my personal growth review, always taken and brain-stormed very carefully, with the eye on every little detail. And, obviously, wardrobe clear-out!

I created a list o f 5 essential pieces, that are just a big NEED in every wardrobe for upcoming warmer days, which are classic, can be found im many budget variations, and most importantly – are totally my style, classic and practical with a vintage twist!


1. Vintage Leather Jacket

These are extra easy to style and never out of it! Perfect for colder Spring afternoons (and will be extra useful during Autumn as well, so it’s NOT a one season deal). I totally fell in love with the vintage over-hip length belted, boss vibe style!


2. Workwear

Jackets, trousers, dresses and famous boiler suits – they are taking over the streets! I love styling these extra masculine, preferably oversized pieces with high heels – it just never looks bad!


3. Midi denim skirts

Another classic, which is extra-easy to style – either with simple white tee and oversized blazer or tuille night top and white cowboy boots, it could never go wrong. Classic mini denim skirts are still cute, but midis are having its’ moment now!


4. Trench coat

I could not stress it enough – trench was, is and always will be the top basic, that’s never out of style. If you are a proud owner of one already, consider investing in the statement piece – with a twist, like oversized sleeves or extravagant fit or pattern.



5.  White cowboy style boots

At first I was not a fan of cowboy white boots, but I’m totally obsessed now! They look just amazing paired with denim and give ANY look that street style touch! Total must have!



2018 is nearly over, and my mind is ran over by lots of uncontrolled retrospections and feelings, luckily, most of them are positive. Even though some of my goals were barely ‘touched’, some shamefully forgot, I feel very accomplished, which made me very confused, as for sure you know someone who is doing very well, but is still dissatisfied. I started to question, what makes me different? Whan makes me feel so happy and acomplished? This brought me to the point, where I started to think about my perspective of the over-glorified ‘motivation’.


I’m not a big fan of ‘motivation’ for many reasons. Mostly, because I don’t believe there is such a thing like motivation. In my opinion, motivation is just an excitement, when the ‘new’ appears on your journey – either it’s new career, new apartment, new resolutions, new habits.

And as most of us know, excitement (or motivation) is a feeling, which is not going to last forever. For example: you have decided to join the gym and work for the body of your dreams. First one/two months you feel ‘motivated’ to go there and give your best on treadmill every day. You see amazing results, but after that third week you feel lack of energy and your body doesn’t change that drastically, as it used to at first. Your ‘motivation’ disappears.

I believe in staying focused. The term itself is empowering – it’s all about you. Staying focus equals trusting yourself, your journey and your capabilities. You don’t rely on ‘motivation’ which, as you probably know already, comes and go really fast.

What are my top rules that help me to stay focused on my goals?

1. Be kind to yourself.

Usually when it comes to goals, it’s something new, or something restarted after a way to long gap. It’s a learning process. It’s not a school, you won’t get skills by learning it by heart, but by doing it in practice. You will make mistakes, that’s for sure. You will need to rethink, sometimes start from the beginning. You will need a break. If you feel very disappointed, frustrated or overwhelmed, make a list of your advantages, even as ridiculous like ‘I’m good at washing the dishes’ or ‘I make the best tea ever!’. You are the person that talks to you all the time. You wouldn’t want to spend time with someone who is really negative and way to heavy-handed towards you. Of course, self-assessment is very important, but make it constructive. Your journey is a process, which needs tons of patience and self-love. ♥

2. Focus on greater results.

Decide, what you want and describe it like a picture to your friend on the phone, focusing on every little detail. You can write it down, or lock the vision in your memory bank (aka brain), whatever works for you. Then don’t stop, untill you get it. You need to understand that during the time, your vision may get slightly in the different direction, or completely somewhere else, (your goals was to weight certain amount, but you realized that you feel great somewhere in the middle of weight loss or gain, or you wanted to move to bigger apartment, but staying at work till late night is not doing well to your relationship and you realize, that maybe you don’t need 4-bedroom house and 3 will do just enough for upcoming years) and that’s okay. As I mentioned, it’s your journey. Make sure that these changes are 100% team-working with your heart and mind.

3. Work every day towards your goals.

No matter where you are, how much you feel like not doing it, spend some time on your goals, even if it’s 15 minutes. Get creative! Even if it’s watching a tutorial or biography, writing few lines, mindstorming about next steps or content, taking a walk instead of bus, saying no to second drink, choosing fruit salad over ice-cream on vacation. Every little step towards your goal brings you closer. Not every day will be great and progressing, but marking the tiniest thing as done will make it count. As they say ‘A bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.’ – it this saying works for every aspect of your life.

What are your opinions about motivation? What keeps you going and working towards achieving your goals?