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Holiday 2019 – Pembrokeshire Travel and Food Diary Day 4

lifestyle December 9, 2019

We started our last day of holiday no different than any other – with celery juice and jacuzzi. I drink cold pressed celery juice every day on the empty stomach 30 minutes before breakfast for the last 6 months and we even packed the juicer with ourselves – so determinated!

After packing ourselves, we had two last locations to visit – the Blue Lagoon of Wales (which was my personal dream to see) and… our favourite The Meadow Cafe, where we had our ‘usual’ – almond milk cappuccinos, vegan mushroom, black bean and sweet potato burgers and halloumi fries.

Blue Lagoon Abereiddi in Wales, Pembrokeshire in Novemver

Blue Lagoon Abereiddi in Wales, Pembrokeshire in Novemver

Before we reached our last destination and just after spending few moments on the cliffs near Blue Lagoon, we decided to climb the hill a little bit higher to have a better view on this beautiful crystal blue water. Up there, we spotted another costal path and we decided to take a walk. We got driven by another beautiful view – the waterfall falling on the beach and stairs leading to this beach. I need to admit – climbing these killers after so many days of eating out was not as easy as I thought it would be.

Costal footpath in Pembrokeshire, Wales in November

Metal stairs leading to the beach from costal patch in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Blogger on the rocky beach in padded parka in Pembrokeshire, Wales in November

Waterfall on the beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales in November

Seeing the waterfall on the beach was definitely my favourite moment of our 4-day lasting journey. Coming back home was not easy, but the next day I started searching for the next destinations for our next holiday straight away. And I can’t wait to share it in the next couple of months.

Love, A xxx

Holiday 2019 – Pembrokeshire Travel and Food Diary Day 3

Uncategorized December 5, 2019

3rd day of our holiday was my second favorite. We were woken up by beautiful sunrise, which was unfortunately really hard to catch on pictures. But it made me really happy and ready to start the day!

morning view in triangle attic window

We started our day with celery juice and then 20 minutes in jacuzzi, while enjoing our espresso.

model posing in jacuzzy

Our first stop was Tenby (South Wales), where we enjoyed a long walk along the Harbour Beach with incredible view on colourful houses. I think I love beaches even more during winter time, and I could not stop smiling (as seen on the picture)! The beach is not big, but you can get there from either centre of the city, or the top of the hill with amazing view on the sea and Tenby Castle.

Tenby, Wales, UK in November

blogger in oversized parka on the Harbour Beach in Tenby, South Wales in November

Tenby, Wales, UK in November

Harbour Beach in Tenby, Wales in November

We stopped by the Fuchsia Caffe, where we ordered (our classic choise) plant based cappuccino, vegan brownie and courgette cake, which were beyond delicious. I was extremely surprised how friendly and helpful the staff was! Plus, the dogs are allowed to come in. There’s even a special menu for your 4-legged friend – how thoughtful! Unfortunately we’re not the dog parents (yet!), but it’s always so calming and cheerful to see an excited dog in the caffe. Double-win situation!

plant milk cappuccino at Fuchsia Caffe in Tenby, Wales, UK

vegan cakes in Fuchsia Caffe, Tenby, Wales

With even better mood, we headed to our final destination, Church Door Cove. We, unfortunately, were not able to reach the beach, but we manageg to go down the hill above Church Door cove and the views were amazing anyways.

Church Door Cove in November, Wales, UK

Church Door Cove in November, Wales, UK

Unfortunately, as it happens in November, Sun comes down really quickly. We tried to visit Green Bridge, but we got quite lost and confused when we reached the footpath and decided to go back as it was getting dark. On our way back we stopped by the Foam in Milford Haven to grab some food. We both chose vegan cauliflower burger and drinks. It was tasty, but comparing to other places we visited, quite pricey.

My everyday face skin care rutine

MAKE-UP July 31, 2019

As two months ago I really struggled with a texture on my face, I decided to drastically change my face skin care rutine, but still kept it very simple, and after two weeks I started to already see the difference.

I started from…. yes, food. I realized that for the past few months I have been eating junky food, like ice-creams, sweets and chips every second day, although they were plant based and usually ‘healthy’ I assumed that these ‘healthy’ snacks and stress are the main reason for my skin to change.

I decided to minimize these snacks to maximum once a week and decided to come back to eating one salad a day (if you are my follower on Instagram, you are familiar with 1 SALAD A DAY KEEPS A DOCTOR AWAY posts). Also I start and finish my day with a big glass of water with lime, as I read somewhere that lemons are modified limes (and I’m that crazy to replace lemons with limes after I found out).

I also try to work out at least three times a week, as sweating it out is the best way to clean your skin, not to mention the calming advantages of phisical ativities.

When it comes to skin care, I always try to keep it very simple and group it into four main sections – cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating and serums.


I wear make-up almost every day and when it comes to cleansing my face, I look for products that do remove my make-up as well. When I found out about Moringa Cleansing Balm by Emma Hardie, I decided I need it in my life. It’s extra easy to use under the shower and it removes easly even waterproof mascara (which I sometimes struggled with) and leaves skin glowing and moistruized.


I’ve been using Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre for over a year and I can’t live without it. It’s quickly absorbing and perfec as multitasker. I use it as a face mask if my skin is extra needy for nourish and in my everyday make-up rutine as a moisturizer – a generous doze of this cream works better than any primer, leaving your skin glowing from within.


Exfoliation is the most important for me, because it gets rid of deas skincells which unclogges pores and makes your skin breath easier. That’s why I use three different products, dependidng on my needs.

For everyday shower exfoliation I use Nip+Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix Extreme 6%, twice a week, although when I first started using it, I did it once a week or even one and a half of week for 1st month. I’m very careful with that product as it’s mechanical exfoliator – I massage a small amount of it into my face, neck and decolettage very gently.

Soap&Glory Scrub Your Nose in It is a product I reach for, when in need of chemical exfoliation, which is much deeper than mechanical. It’s extra affortable and works wonders, especially if you struggle with blackheads, like me. I use it not more than two to three times a month. And as on packaging it’s suggested to leave it on your skin for 2 minutes, I need to admit I leave it for at leats 5.

Once a week, usually during lazy Saturday afternoon, I use Silver Skin Saviour Omorovicza. I used it first time, when I received a sample from Cult Beauty and constantly I knew I need to have it in my skin products collection. It has exfoliating, balancing, anti-blemish and color evening properties and always leaves my skin with feeling fresh, nourished and clear, which is really important for me, especially during romantic weekends. Pricey


Sunday Riley U.F.O. serum is definately a master of multitaskers when it comes to serums – puryfies, sooths redness and moisturizes at the same time, leaving your skin radiant and clean, not to mention its amazing ingredients list. It can be used as nigh or day serum, depending on your preferences. At first, smell wasn’t my favorite, but I got used to and started liking this deep, herbal sent. I used it every second night during first two weeks of using, extending it to every night by now.