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My February/March wish list

fashion February 10, 2020

As much as I love the winter looks, layering and cozy jumpers, I’m more and more excited for upcoming Spring. Seeing latest trends and breathtaking designs like comeback of vintage sunglasses and bloom of the woven bags, perfect mini dresses from Jacquemus and perfectly tailored Bermuda short suits and most importantly – popularization of second hand shopping, I could not be more optimistic for upcoming seasons.

You can feel the strong inspiration by 90’s in my February/March shopping list – starting from almost-backless pistachio dress to strappy sandals, here are my top 5 picks for Spring/Summer 2020!

7 vintage inspired designer sunglasses under £300

Uncategorized February 3, 2020

If you follow me for a while, you may notice my progressive love for accessories. Just when I started blogging, I wasn’t really paying much attention to ‘details’ like jewellery, sunglasses, scarfs or hats. My accessories definition was a ‘poor’ mixture of bags and shoes… and more bags (although I love shoes, I find it more difficult to find a pleasing pair for my blister-prone feet).

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with vintage/vintage inspired sunglasses – they, without an argue, add an amazing statement touch to any outfit and will definitely become one of your favorite this season!

6 hot ways to wear denim this Spring

Uncategorized February 2, 2020

Denim, with its amazing journey from being strictly a manual work wear to everyday, and even red carpet, became the classic perfect 7/24 loved by every woman and man around the world.

Either if you’re a total denim lover and you experiment with styles, shapes and can not wait to get another statement piece that will boost your wardrobe collection, or prefer it in simple forms, styled with classic shirt or sweater, this list of 6 upcoming Spring denim must haves will make you want to try them!

slim fit flares

Skinny jeans are definitely not to be thrown to the bin, but fortunately for us and our circulation system, loose fit came strong to the game. If you’re still not convinced, try the hybrid – slim fit flares! Style them with a turtle neck knit, an oversized blazer and play with retro-inspired accessories to elevate the look!

tapered jeans

This silhouette is perfect for complementing the waist. Do I need to mention the comfort of tapered fit ideal for long days? Will work amazing either with classic white shirt or, to keep the look balanced, with fitted tank top and strappy sandals.

Bermuda denim shorts

Bermuda shorts, strictly connected with beach, palm trees and sand styled with sandals and oversized linen t-shirt, now are about to take over upcoming Spring Street wear – this time styled with cowboy boots, jackets and high heels!

maxi dress

Maxi denim dress will be a perfect addition to either a crazy denim or crazy classics lover wardrobe – it’s weather appropriate all day around. It’s all about accessories and layering during winter.

denim jumpsuit

As a simple, one piece outfit solution lover, I can not stress out more, how happy I am with the fact, that denim jumpsuits will take over this season. Just like with the denim maxi dress, you can work with it all year around. Experiment with layering underneath and style and elevate the looks with statement accessories.

midi skirt

Midi denim skirts are extra-easy to style, just like an usual denim trousers – but they add a little bit of twist and surprise to your every-day looks – and that’s what makes it so special! My favorite way to style it is total double denim on top – denim shirt and denim jacket paired with ivory ankle boots. Perfect date and everyday look assured!

4 upcoming shoe trends you'll want to get before Spring

fashion January 21, 2020

As much as I am the biggest fan of investing in classic pieces, I love to spoil myself now and then and follow few trends, that will most likely become a statement or return in future season – fashion is revolving! Upcoming seasons will bring a lot of refreshed trends from past, so it’s worth to look around the local thrift shops and search on the apps like Depop or Vinted.

Accessories – I call them the soul of the look. Even if you serve a simple white shirt and denim look, a good pair of shoes, sunglasses and bag (I wrote about them in 7 it bags for 2020) and, theoretically ‘boring’ look can become really interesting.

This time is all about my favourite, yet neglected, when it comes to my investments – shoes!


I remember, back in 2015 when I actually started to be more aware of fashion, espadrilles were huge! And everywhere! They definitely have their biggest return moment yet, but I’m pretty sure they will be coming back every season!

Style tip! Get inspired by 80’s and style them with oversized linen white dresses or bell bottoms.

mary janes

Inspired by unisex shoes for children from early XX century years, Mary Janes became an inspiration for the biggest fashion houses like Gucci, Chanel or Miu Miu. This time in sexy, high heeled version.

Style tip! Although they may be too heavy for flowery maxi dresses, they will work amazing with miniskirts, LBDs and marine shorts!


Okay, they’re classics, and if you own a pair of classic loafers, it may be the time to think about more chicky version of them! Also, check my Sienna Millers’ Style close up for major loafer inspo!

Style tip! Classic loafers will look amazing with oversized pieces like blazers or puffy dresses!

PCV sandals

‘Barely there’ sandals updated to invisible ones! I was quite sceptical when it came to them at first, maybe because all the sweaty boots stories I’ve heard of (or seen!!!), but using PCV in sandals is quite smart move – they’re definately more breathable than ankle boots.

Style tip! They will look amazing, complementing both coctail party and ripped jeans and t-shirt coffee date looks!

Style close up – Sienna Miller

fashion January 13, 2020

Sienna Miller is one of my latest style babes obsessions – her style is effortless, timeless and comfortable. Her casual winter signature looks (and a great trick) contain ankle reaching coats, adding a chic feeling even to the gym outfits!

Johnstons of Elgin
Cashmere socks

Trends that will keep you warm and stylish during Winter

fashion January 7, 2020

Fashion can be crazy. We’ve all seen and heard stories about bloggers and fashion influencers running on the streets of New York during Fashion Week in the highest and most uncomfortable heels ever, or choosing strappy sandals in -10 degrees weather, passing out because of hypothermia.

Luckily, this season there are weather appropriate trends that will keep you warm and stylish at the same time!

combat boots

Gigi Hadid leaving the building wearing leather coat, skinny jeans and Martens combat boots

Combat boots go very well with almost everything, and you don’t need more than skinny jeans and leather coat to pull them off. But they will work great with flowery midi dress and trench combo (Anna inspired), or pleated skirt and knitted vest. It’s the biggest blessing for me, as my feet won’t stand high heels for more than few hours (and by few, I mean the number really close to 1).

leather trousers

Fashion blogger and jewellery designer, Lucy Williams posing on London brick streets wearing Staud bag, leather trousers and oversized camel turtleneck sweater

Straight legged trousers are my personal winner, when it comes to trends this season. They are a big statement themselves and can play main role in the outfit, but can play a great basic at the same time, paired with statement ruffled top or PCV boots. Leather goods can definitely be a bigger investments, but it’s always good to check your local second hand shops for unique designs!

knitted co-ords

Fashion influencer posing on the bussy streets of New York wearing knitted co ording top and midiskirt styled with deep brown leather accessories

Who would predict that cosy knitted co-ords will happen to be one of the sexiest trends in 2020? Style it with a boxy office bag or a statement sneakers to complement your knit matching situation. Knits can feel baggy, so if you want to accent your curves, wrap heavy belt or simply tuck your top in the bottoms. And I would’ve forgotten – you can style them separately, preferably with other trends mentioned!

chunky cardigans

Fashion influencer and stylist,Emili Sindlev posing on the bussy streets wearing white Chanel cardigan and white knee boots

Surprisingly, cardigan had its’ biggest moment last Summer, when lots of Instagram models, including Bella Hadid, posted tones of pictures wearing micro knits as tops. This Winter season it evolved into a chunky, heavy cardigan, serving its’ desired purpose – making us extra cosy and warm in the rainy or snowy times.

grandad vest

Fashion influencer walking on the streets of Paris wearing colorful vest and white shirt, leather pants and statement red bag

Vests are another surprisingly practical trend that appeared this season. Going the classic way, you can style them with an oversized shirt and wool palazzo trousers. But I see them mixed with all the trends I mentioned on this post – oversized and chunky, with matching knitted top underneath, paired with leather trousers and combat boots.