Oversizing is my favorite trend, and used the right way can upgrade any look to street style level. Back when I started to be more interested in fashion, oversized t-shirt with cool logo and extra skinny jeans were the only way I would consider oversizing to be done. Well… oversized look can’t be limited to baggy tee + skinny jeans look!


Office oversizing

Who doesn’t get bored with perfectly tailored, black suits and polished pumps? Dramatically over-sized boyfriend blazers are the good way to adapt your office wardrobe to oversizing trend. Getting inspired by 90’s series characters is a perfect idea! If you are really into oversizing, and you are not afraid to surprise with the outfit choice, pick high-waisted loose fit trousers and blazer. And don’t forget about funny sunglasses!



Belt it!

If you are afraid that you will disappear under the big coat or dress, bring some attention to your waist and wear high heels – it will create an amazing hourglass shape and optically slim your silhouette. Cute pearl hair clips and fringed bag are great accessories for that look! And while still here… you can oversize your belt as well!



Break the girly look!

Flowery summer dress or denim skirt? Break the stereotype by styling it with boyfriend blazer or military jacket.  Add some cool cowboy boots and ear clips, and you got it!




Go all in!

Choosing to oversize every piece of my look used to really scare me. I was afraid that I would look wide and massive, but it works perfectly – it actually gives your outfit a perfect layered, chic vibe!





Have fun!

Fashion is all about having fun and expressing yourself, so just go out there and show off your creativity! Found a perfect oversized shirt in the second-hand store? Layer it, wear it with contrasting acessories, or with the extra skinny leather pants and micro-bag. Do whatever feels right for you and be brave!





Holiday season already started and during the rush of last-minute shopping, cooking and preparing for family diner and celebration, it’s quite easy to forget about  outfit you are going to wear, especially if you are a host.

These 3 easy and most likely already in your closet outfit ideas could save your time and nerves. I’m definitely going to wear them during holiday break (and after)!

DISCLAIMER: Holiday season is the time to spend with the family and the loved ones, so stressing out about what to wear should be the least important thing to do. Please remember that this, and any family occasion is an oportunity to express your love, gratitude and to celebrate with the closest, and that’s way more important, than what you wear.


1. Suits

2018 proved that suits are made not only for business meetings, so why don’t to sneak them in to your family Holiday celebration? There’s so many way to wear suit – you can go all in with perfectly tailored ‘girl-boss’ suit and flats or heels, 80’s inspired oversized suit and red lip (my favorite!), more casually – blazer + jeans, oversized blazer and dress, or oversized blazer as the dress. Your imagination is the limit!


Pic2                                                                   Pic3Pic4

2. Sweater

Holiday season is a perfect time for knitwear in any shape and kind. Rollneck and tailored skirt or suit trousers is a perfect way to dress for family visits and dinner. I’m not a big fan of Christmas-themed sweaters, but if you fancy them, go into it 100% – that’s the only one time in the year!

Pic5         Pic6          Pic7


3. Fall/Winter Dress

Fall/Winter dress is the easiest to style – it will work with flats or heels, boots or slippers. You can add some funky jewellery and lip color or keep it simple and it still going to look great and festive. You can even combine it with the 2 previous outfits – turtleneck underneath and oversized blazer over your dress is a perfect way of layering, useful during ‘minus’ temperatures!