White t-shirt and jeans are a basic look, which is one of my favourite. If I don’t post pictures of my outfit for a longer time it probably means I’m wearing this classic combo every day.

White t-shirt and jeans are very obvious for everyday simple look, usually paired with flats and small bag, but it’s extra fun to style it up for different ocassions.

Parisian girl

This look will be amazing for business meeting not requiring smart outfit or meeting with friends. Style your simple white t-shirt and classic jeans with comfortable mid-heeled mules, voluminous bag and golden earrings and bracelets. For an extra chic effect wrap a monochrome print scarf around your neck or use it as a belt.

casual chic

It’s perfect option for party with friends, casual event or first evening date – any ocassion where you want to look chic but not overdressed. Basic t-shirt tucked inside jeans will elevate statement shoes or bag (or both). Layer up your favorite necklaces to add a personal touch to this look!

modern simplicity

Classic trench is perfect solution for breaking extremaly informal t-shirt and jeans outfit. Either keep it entirely simple with classic black boots and bag, or style it with eye-catching bright laquered boots and statement bag for Instagram worthy #ootd look!

Bermuda shorts are usually made of fabrics like cotton and linen blend, but lately it’s all about denim, babe!

What makes them really cool is that they go perfectly with anything – starting from spotrty busy day look, to chic coctail afterwork outfit.

Easy to up and down dress – for casual #OOTD moment just style them with simple white t-shirt and trainers or ballerina flats, cover up with unbottoned oversized shirt (can be the one borrowed from your boyfriend) and don’t forget about the girly accent to break that casuality – can be either a pair of massive hoops or your thrifted Prada 80’s bag.

Planning night out or date? Bermuda shorts look extremaly good with a pair of heeled sandals or classic pumps! As it itself will make a big statement, you can stick to the plain t-shirt styled with layered up necklaces, or go crazy with cropped summer shirt or see-through top.

For a casual meeting or afternoon dinner with friends, choose an option with oversized blazer! It will look chic, but not over-styled. Again, white tee as a base will do wonders. Depending on occasion, stick to flats or high heels. To exaggerate the minimalistic vibe of outfit, pick a classic mini bag and black mules.

To achieve street style worthy look, style your bermuda denim shorts with volume-sleeved blouse and statement shoes – cowboy boots or extraordinary kitten heels! And don’t forget to post your outfit on Instagram!