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Holiday 2019 – Pembrokeshire Travel and Food Diary Day 4

lifestyle December 9, 2019

We started our last day of holiday no different than any other – with celery juice and jacuzzi. I drink cold pressed celery juice every day on the empty stomach 30 minutes before breakfast for the last 6 months and we even packed the juicer with ourselves – so determinated!

After packing ourselves, we had two last locations to visit – the Blue Lagoon of Wales (which was my personal dream to see) and… our favourite The Meadow Cafe, where we had our ‘usual’ – almond milk cappuccinos, vegan mushroom, black bean and sweet potato burgers and halloumi fries.

Blue Lagoon Abereiddi in Wales, Pembrokeshire in Novemver

Blue Lagoon Abereiddi in Wales, Pembrokeshire in Novemver

Before we reached our last destination and just after spending few moments on the cliffs near Blue Lagoon, we decided to climb the hill a little bit higher to have a better view on this beautiful crystal blue water. Up there, we spotted another costal path and we decided to take a walk. We got driven by another beautiful view – the waterfall falling on the beach and stairs leading to this beach. I need to admit – climbing these killers after so many days of eating out was not as easy as I thought it would be.

Costal footpath in Pembrokeshire, Wales in November

Metal stairs leading to the beach from costal patch in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Blogger on the rocky beach in padded parka in Pembrokeshire, Wales in November

Waterfall on the beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales in November

Seeing the waterfall on the beach was definitely my favourite moment of our 4-day lasting journey. Coming back home was not easy, but the next day I started searching for the next destinations for our next holiday straight away. And I can’t wait to share it in the next couple of months.

Love, A xxx

Holiday 2019 – Pembrokeshire Travel and Food Diary Day 3

Uncategorized December 5, 2019

3rd day of our holiday was my second favorite. We were woken up by beautiful sunrise, which was unfortunately really hard to catch on pictures. But it made me really happy and ready to start the day!

morning view in triangle attic window

We started our day with celery juice and then 20 minutes in jacuzzi, while enjoing our espresso.

model posing in jacuzzy

Our first stop was Tenby (South Wales), where we enjoyed a long walk along the Harbour Beach with incredible view on colourful houses. I think I love beaches even more during winter time, and I could not stop smiling (as seen on the picture)! The beach is not big, but you can get there from either centre of the city, or the top of the hill with amazing view on the sea and Tenby Castle.

Tenby, Wales, UK in November

blogger in oversized parka on the Harbour Beach in Tenby, South Wales in November

Tenby, Wales, UK in November

Harbour Beach in Tenby, Wales in November

We stopped by the Fuchsia Caffe, where we ordered (our classic choise) plant based cappuccino, vegan brownie and courgette cake, which were beyond delicious. I was extremely surprised how friendly and helpful the staff was! Plus, the dogs are allowed to come in. There’s even a special menu for your 4-legged friend – how thoughtful! Unfortunately we’re not the dog parents (yet!), but it’s always so calming and cheerful to see an excited dog in the caffe. Double-win situation!

plant milk cappuccino at Fuchsia Caffe in Tenby, Wales, UK

vegan cakes in Fuchsia Caffe, Tenby, Wales

With even better mood, we headed to our final destination, Church Door Cove. We, unfortunately, were not able to reach the beach, but we manageg to go down the hill above Church Door cove and the views were amazing anyways.

Church Door Cove in November, Wales, UK

Church Door Cove in November, Wales, UK

Unfortunately, as it happens in November, Sun comes down really quickly. We tried to visit Green Bridge, but we got quite lost and confused when we reached the footpath and decided to go back as it was getting dark. On our way back we stopped by the Foam in Milford Haven to grab some food. We both chose vegan cauliflower burger and drinks. It was tasty, but comparing to other places we visited, quite pricey.

Holiday 2019 – Pembrokeshire Travel and Food Diary Day 2

lifestyle December 2, 2019

If you’re intrested in how our Day 1 of holiday looked like, please click here.

Day 2

2nd day of our holiday started exciting – we decided to visit local beaches (including one in Newgale) and walk on the famous costal path in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, which is absolutely breathtaking. We were lucky enough to see wild horses, but we decided to not interupt their natural habitat. Our decision was approved by google search.

View from Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in November

View on the sandy beach from costal patch in November

View on the sandy beach from costal patch in November

View on the sandy beach and wild horses from costal patch in November

To even up our luck with wild horses, our car started to have technical problems just when we were about to head to another beach location. We ended up leaving car in the garage and walking around the lovely Haverfordwest, reacting with ‘Look, Chelsea!’ on every semi-detached houses painted pastel. I was smart enough to choose heeled boots, which started to be really uncomfortable after few hours of looking for decent place to eat in. We ended up in the closest to garage leisure centre, talking about life and looking for positives of how our day turned out.

Colorful pastel houses in Haverfordwest, West Wales

abandoned house in Haverfordwest, West Wales

When we picked up our car, we were relieved to find out that it just needed a break fluid top up. With me being still a little bit anxious, we got ourselves a dinner in Lost Coin pub, containing halloumi fries and vegetarian halloumi burger for me. Unfortunately we were to hungry to take time and take pictures, but this place is definately worth checking (but won’t beat The Meadow Cafe)!

Back in the cottage, we celebrated with the bottle of champagne and countless hours of board games.

Holiday 2019 – Pembrokeshire Travel and Food Diary Day 1

lifestyle November 30, 2019

I can’t believe it was my first and last proper holiday week in 2019! This year was crazy in many ways and it made me re-think, re-charge and really appreciate time spent with my love, celebrating his birthday.

If you’re a nature lover, like us, looking for a place to ‘run away’ from fast city life, Pembrokeshire is definitely a county you want to visit – its’ amazing costal paths and cheerful people will steal a huge place in your heart.

I need to disclaim – we’re rarely looking forward to see most famous and busiest places in the peakiest period. The end of November is not assuring the best weather as well, but we’ve been very luckly most of the time. Anyways, we would be really naive to expect sunny days and not a drop of a rain on west coast in November.

Day 1

For the whole stay we chose Airbnb Carren Batch Cottage, which was the most charismatic and coziest place we’ve stayed so far. With fully equipped kitchen with dining room opened to living room (which for us, plant based creatures, is very essential), two bedrooms and bathrooms (luckly, we didn’t use the 2nd bedroom, but it was a serious back-up plan in case of argument) and indoor jacuzzy used daily in the mornings, we could not imagine the better place to stay in and celebrate! Also, I got addicted to Jenga and Guess who? games, which were to be found in the cottage.

rustic table with vintage chairs

We woke up very late on our first full day of the journey and decided to get our breakfast/lunch in The Meadow Cafe in St Davids just 20 minutes away from us. We both ordered almond milk cappuccinos, vegan mushroom, black bean and sweet potatoe burgers with sweet potatoe fries and halloumi fries for sharing. And oh boy, how happy we were! I never tasted such a great and creamy cappuccino in my entire life. Burger was extremaly good as well. About halloumi fries… it was my frst cheesy choice in few years and I have ordered halloumi fries ever since.

interior in The Meadow Cafe in St Davids

The Meadow Cafe in St Davids

almond milk cappuccino in The Meadow Cafe in St Davids

vegan mushroom, black bean and sweet potatoe burger with sweet potatoe fries in The Meadow Cafe in St Davids

Halloumi fries with chilli sauce in The Meadow Cafe St Davids

With full and happy bellies, we decided to drive around. As we really enjoyed the views and sunny and chilly weather, we walked around St Davids Cathedral and wandered around few green and pleasantly empty streets.

St Davids Cathedral in November

green streets of St Davids in November

On our way to and back from our first tourist stop, Pentre Ifan, I managed to take few photos of breathtaking views.

Wales in November

vintage houses in Wales

As we headed to Pentre Ifan, which is the largest and best preserved dolmen in Wales, we got caught by the maddest rain we’ve ever experienced. As we headed to the car, which was 2 minutes away from chamber itself, we soaked to the last thread. I need to admitt, I was quite anxious, posing to that picture.

Pentre Ifan in rain, the stone chamber in Wales

the portrait of wet bangs

Of course, just in the time we reached our car, the weather changed dramatically from pure shower to partly sunny heaven on earth. We took the lovliest road home.

roads in Wales

Roads in Wales

We cooked the simplest veggie roast after we came back and keept playing Guess Who? while enyoing a bottle of wine.

blogger wearing chunky sweather cooking in kitchen

veggie roast